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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will America elect a bully?

Because I have been extremely busy and the week ahead won't get lighter, I haven't had a lot of time to put into this blog. I have been reading though and there is a lot I am thinking regarding Romney. This writer says some of what I feel.

To me it's worse than that. If he was just an unthinking jerk, it'd be one thing; but he has used power, every single time he has had it, to bully others. He chuckles as he relates the experiences, and I'd say that means he sees it as empowering him. That's how bullies operate.

Some see that Obama having been a community organizer was bad. I mean helping people succeed, how good can that be? To those with that viewpoint, they see Romney as better to be president because he got wealthy. Perhaps they see it good that he made his fortune by firing people or bankrupting companies where his corporation could cannibalize their parts and put together new companies.

They think he started Staples therefore it means he will be good for business--

He saved the Olympics--

 Finally for those who find it hard to keep track of all his lies--

Keep in mind these aren't things he said he would do or that he changed his mind about. These are out and out lies and a lot of them not even logical which basically makes him a pathological liar, I think.

For the Americans who think because he made himself wealthy, that means he can make them, I have a bridge to sell them--- one to nowhere.

What I'd like to know is why is the Republican party foisting this guy off on the rest of us?


Tabor said...

If you will remember that GOP election was a total mess. The more moderate and stable were quickly thrown under the bus and the loud mouthed (Caine) or bullies (Santorum) were quickly given the stage. I do not think they are fully supportive of this man, but it is who was left after all the sifting.

Rubye Jack said...

When have the Republicans ever had a decent person as their candidate? The guiding force is money and helping the rich to get richer. That's all.
As for President Obama, many people around here can't stand it that he's an African American.

Kay Dennison said...

Excellent post!!!!

msnbc's Martin Bashir calls him "Mitt the Mendacious" and I like that a lot!

Anyone who doesn't have a couple million in the bank should never even consider voting for him!!!

Robert the Skeptic said...

The mainstream media downplays Romney's loonier statements and tries their best to paint him as a moderate contender. The media will decide our next president.

joared said...

The Republican Party has been taken over by an extremely, or should I say radically excentric predominately ultra-conservative religious right who seem bent on turning our nation into a theocracy with them dictating their values to all the rest of us. Big money forces are also providing impetus.

The Party's moderate members who are capable of rational thought are retiring, or being defeated i.e. Lugar, seceding the Party to their misguided followers.

The nation is in need of another strong political party that can bring reason to legislating with the Democratic Party.

Rain Trueax said...

I know right wing people, who will vote for him, and it amazes me because they seem rational but somehow they hate Obama and people who think like me so much, see it as so damaging that we'd work together with others to figure out a better world, even share, that they would vote for anybody. It amazes me because they seem like quality people; so their ignoring all of the only small amount of what is out there is no shock.

There are others though and no surprise at all. As joared said, they vote out any moderates and have turned their party over to the corporate heads and they got in people like Roberts to do their work using religion and patriotism to take all the power from everyone else. That party has let this happen.

We do need another party because Democrats need a rational conservative party to challenge with real ideas. That is not what we have. not when one of their party leaders, Mitch McConnell, said in 2008 that their most important goal would be to be sure Obama didn't get a second term and he has tried to block whatever he can to meet that goal and get more money to the wealthiest.

Democrats running against that, don't find their ideas debated at all. It's not healthy for Democrats either but right now to vote for a Republican seems to mean limiting more birth control, getting a ban on allowing gays to marry or even form partnerships, effectively ending abortion, voting for a Christian concept of Jesus which ignores all the person is claimed to have said and instead voting for what the Falwell types said he said.

The latest is Romney saying it will take Christians to save this country. It is just another example. Oh yeah, we all need more Chrisian moral leadership. Considering what this bunch did, it's enough to make someone throw up.

One thing they have done is form universities, like Liberty, where they can foist off people like Bachmann with degrees and knowledge only about their own piggish view of life. This religion calling itself Christian is not about Christ but Romney had to pander because the truth is the religion to which he belongs uses the name Christian, but their beliefs are those of a new religion formed out of the Old Testament, a fantasy addition created by a man who coveted multiple wives with some virtually children.

So, Romney, like all those christianists out there, shouts the name Christian, gives a speech he'd not give in front of a Jewish group, and he is praised by the bunch who buy into the prosperity doctrine. Argh!!!

And the mainstream press is helping it happen as was said above. They paint him as maybe a goof but nothing like what he really is. The mainstream press though is owned by the wealthiest, who can hardly wait to get their hands on the SS funds to invest like JP Morgan just did or Lehman earlier. Leaving the old destitute and the media helps them do it because they are owned also.

Dion said...

The media is connected to the two-party system which in turn is connected to multinational corporations.

The corporations are as happy as pigs in mud with Obama and Romney. Both of these politicians presented by the two-party system will serve the corporations well.

Rain Trueax said...

Yeah right, unless you are a woman who needs an abortion, a gay who wants to marry, a couple who want to buy birth control. Tell me again it doesn't matter, Dion?

Dion said...

Wedge issues are the gift that keeps on giving. Wedge issues can be counted on to keep the citizenry fighting among themselves. All the while it's business as usual for corporate malfeasance.

Dion said...

Ex NJ gov Corzine is a prime example of how Democrats are just as thick with the thieves of Wall St as the Republicans are.

Rain Trueax said...

You know gay marriage, the right to not have a pregnancy you do not want, DADT, environment, social programs, education, etc. are not wedge issues to those who find them impacting their lives. The dollar is not all this is about. I'd say fine, vote for someone besides Obama, throw your vote away, but you will just assure a group who will put a constitutional law limiting marriage to heterosexual couples. There is a lot more at stake here than Wall Street.

As I have said before, get people to run for the House and Senate with your view of economics. If you don't, don't complain about it and suggest turning us into a third world country with a revolution where people shoot at anybody with more than they have-- that's not going to get you what you want either

Dick said...

I happened to listen to an interview of Sen. Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma, a couple of weeks ago and liked what I heard. He has a newly released book titled "The Debt Bomb" which I ordered and just received from Amazon.

Sen. Coburn is a second term Senator who will not run for re-election and thinks a lot of the problem with Congress is from a new job class of perpetual politicians. He started in the House in 1994 and moved to the Senate when Obama went there. They are good friends even though they don't see eye to eye on all things. Obama appointed him as one of the Republican side of the "Gang of Six" who prepared a proposal to help "fix" the economic problems of the country, that seems to have been totally ignored by all politicians.

I've just started the book but from what I heard in that hour long interview, I think he has many good ideas and not the least is that we need to replace most of those currently in Congress. He says that at age 64 he will not run again for any political position. Too bad. I think we need more like him in office.

Dion said...

Letting my mind take a stroll down memory lane, I'm thinking we should remember that it was during Clinton's stint that Glass-Steagall was ended. I usually think first about NAFTA when it comes to Clinton's pitiful governance. Now that we all realize the jobs are gone and not coming back, it's time to bring up Clinton's involvement with Glass-Steagall.

Reversing Glass-Steagall was the mechanism that unleashed 'The Too Big To Fails'. To bring my point full circle, 'The Too Big To Fails' bankroll the two-party system.

Rain Trueax said...

Bernie Sanders says some good things too on a lot of this. Many try to claim SS won't be any good in a short time and it's an out and out lie. Medicare got damaged by adding a prescription drug benefit that wasn't paid for. Likewise the wars under Bush. I don't know what Coburn did about those wars but many Republicans did want them, want the big tax cuts (supposedly to add jobs) and now want to blame the poor for what has happened to our debt!

On Glass-Steagall, Bernie has said it needs to be reinstated but you think Romney would do that. It was a huge mistake and Clinton was not the great president many would like to claim. He is why I didn't want Hillary. I didn't trust Bill to be back in power. I still do not everytime I hear him talk...

Dion said...

What party is Bernie in?

Rain Trueax said...

Democratic socialist. He is an independent from Vermont but does caucus (I think) with democrats.

Dick said...

I don't know how Tom Coburn voted on the Iraq war but I know that the people in Congress, just like the rest of us, were told many things that were not true in justifying it.

In the interview I heard, he said that we need a combination of tax increases and cost reduction. On the tax reduction side, he said there are way too many government agencies, etc., so many of which literally duplicate what other agencies are doing. I think one example he gave was in the area of making work where he said there were 30 agencies and he felt as good if not better job could be done with 3. As I understand it, the book goes into much more detail that was covered in that interview but as I said, I've just started reading the book.

Rain Trueax said...

I have heard public sector jobs have been dropping while private sector jobs increasing. I do not know what specifically Coburn is discussing but everybody says there is waste but then they get in power and they don't seem to find it.

My problem with Coburn is his religious fundamentalism but he does seem like a nice man. I just cannot have much faith in people who follow that rigid fundamentalist faith. Maybe that's my prejudice.

I heard a discussion again about term limits but my doubts is that would increase the power of the lobbyists. They'd be permanently there and how much could be changed in a term or two?

Dick said...

The number of lobbyists and where they come from was another issue he said needs to be addressed. If you get a chance to read his book, go for it. I've finished the introduction and will probably not read much else until I get through it. There is a Kindle version but I paid a little more for a paper version as it can be loaned, traded, etc.

I don't know what the answer is to resolve the problem. I don't think those in power will ever do much to limit their term length or power. Maybe the electorate will finally decide that some, probably most, need to be replaced and that should then happen on a regular basis. Term limits would be nice but I'll not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Rain Trueax said...

The Supreme Court did us in when they gutted campaign finance reform. I think a lot of us are like you. We believe in conservative values. It's just that today, the conservatives who call themselves that, they aren't remotely conservative.

We could end the terms of those we feel aren't doing right. Why don't we do it?

Anonymous said...

I am concerned alongside the situation in Syria!