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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Curioser and Curioser

Following around Mitt Romney's campaign (editorially speaking) always leaves me scratching my head. What is with this guy? And there is nothing stranger than the way he caters to Donald Trump-- the way he plays to him as though he thinks he's using Trump for his own eventual electoral gain.

So Romney puts out a birth certificate right before a Vegas fundraiser with the big showman. What was that all about except a kind of dig at the fact that secretly he agrees with the Donald on birtherism? He hints that he doesn't but then he does that?  (Personally, in his case, I'd rather see 10 years of his tax statements). He wants the birther votes obviously. Doesn't he think he'd get them anyway? Oh wait, he wants theirs and the ones who think that whole thing is nuts.

To someone interested in human behavior, Mitt's bowing before the Donald has me shaking my head.

Is it that he sees the Donald as the cool guy he wanted to be but he had to be too straight as a Mormon kid? Is it he thinks he can use him but not put him in his Cabinet, not have him wanting to tell him what to do once he's President? What is really going on in Romney's head when he runs around with a jerk like Trump? Is it that they both like firing people and most of the rest of us can't relate?

Birtherism is nuts pure and simple. And that Trump stays with it, doubling down on it, shows how much he resents Obama and not the least probably is how he so subtly ridiculed Trump at the dinner when he knew he had given orders that nailed Osama bin Laden. What he said that night turned Trump into a laughingstock. Like he wasn't already...

Trump and Romney are the boys who feel they should run the world. They both were born to wealth but made more of their own once they became adults. Trump as a gambling and slum lord and Romney as a vulture capitalist. They are both kind of weird looking men for all their pretty features. They are the kind of men most women look at and go ewwwww. Handsome doesn't actually draw in women the way some think and these two guys have the ewwwww quality in spades.

The thing is Romney has said it time and again, he won't tell Americans what he will do as President because they wouldn't vote for him. He now said he would hang around with anyone to get that 50.1% of the vote. Isn't that a warning to us all-- on both sides of the political spectrum?

The thing with Trump is he thinks he's going to be the power behind the throne. That's pretty obvious when you listen to him talk. So why does Romney want to run with him? It makes him look like the kind of guy who automatically respects those who have money. Oh wait, he is.


MerCyn said...

You hit it right - money talks. How low must a Republican go? Into the gutter. Romney may think he will be on his own and need not cater to the lowest elements of his party once elected, but he is only fooling himself - and no one else.

wally said...

The conservative columnist George Will made this statement about Trump: "The cost of [Romney]appearing with this bloviating ignoramus is obvious, it seems to me. Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics.”
It's encouraging to note that not all conservatives are going along with the loonies.

Kay Dennison said...

I used Wally's quote on my blog today. I don't like George Will much but he is a rare sane voice in the sea of insanity that the Republican party has become. That Mittens is even considering Trump as his running mate, tells me that he is not presidential material.

Rain Trueax said...

It is good that there are some sane voices in Republican leadership and pundits. Most are being pushed out.

I doubt he'll choose Trump for veep. But Trump clearly expects something and he will get it or there'll be hell to pay. My guess is a Cabinet position and it better be a high one or see above...

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I feel like I am living in a surreal world. That either of these men is taken seriously scares the hell out of me and it feels like I am on another planet.
My feelings about Trump are too awful to detail here---but lets just say I think he is a fool---a dangerous fool, but, a Fool! Romney? I don't know who or what he is....It's all very frightening.

Rain Trueax said...

It could be depressing if we let it. I see this as an important time to stay informed, do what we can, but sometimes take a break from it. If a person is feeling weighted down by the bombardment of negative, take some time away from the news.

I do believe it's important to volunteer, to donate, to do what we can while we can, but we don't have to live and breathe it constantly.

It is also important to be involved with the Congressional races. More than the Presidency is at stake.

But mainly lots of deep breaths and a reminder that our own health has to come first.

Hattie said...

I think you are making an important and overlooked point about Romney and Trump. They are both unattractive to women and, especially in Trump's case, time has not treated them kindly. Romney is stiff, which is off-putting, and Trump looks like a blowfish with a wig. But it's really their bad personalities that shine through and make them so off putting.
So they have got to resent Obama, who is a lot younger and handsomer than they are. Since they are both motivated by greed and envy, this has to hurt them.

Rain Trueax said...

That's for sure, Hattie. Obama is not only good looking but he's sexy. He has that little smile and it says it all. He doesn't even have to try to do it.

Neither of them could do sexy if they wanted. It's not like that's something you can learn or buy. They probably are jealous of that.

joared said...

I think it's pretty simple. The strategy is to appeal to all sorts of radical-thinking splinter groups who might not otherwise vote. So the deal is to let Trump reel in those votes 'cause they want to scrape the bottom of the barrel, all the cracks and crevices, to come up a few votes helter skelter to increase the totals. I'm amazed at the number of people who actually take Trump seriously.