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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What's gone wrong with us as a people?

Yesterday should be framed in black as yet another group of voters became convinced by the religious oligarchs that their religion should dominate the country in terms of laws and rights. It is what this group has promoted in state after state with North Carolina only being the most recent. Oregon did it in 2004 with the usual accompanying rhetoric. Oh the woe if one group of people do not take the rights from another. It's so typical of mankind's history and it's so disgusting.

This article, which Hal had on Facebook, says it so well.

I don't know how far this will go before Americans wake up-- if they wake up in time. I keep asking who we are as a people? How does Arizona put forth a bill that stops women from getting help for mammograms and pap smears from Planned Parenthood? Personhood got rejected even in the South but the Republican candidate for president said he supports it-- at least during the primaries, who knows what he thinks about it today.

I was disgusted to hear Billy Graham come out in support of the North Carolina ban which even went to no civil unions. I didn't blame him so much though. It was just a disappointment, but he's a very very old man and perhaps no longer capable of full reasoning. He has a son in Franklin, who is proving himself to be all he was from his early days of causing trouble, where it has now switched to using his evil fundamentalism as a club against everyone who doesn't think as he does about religion and its purpose-- which is to amass power.

This is a disgrace, and I am still ashamed of my own state regarding what it did, Voting on discrimination? Does that make sense to anybody? Why do Americans need to have one group to attack and to whom to feel superior?

Straight out-- the government's part regarding marriage should be a business contract. It's that simple. Government has no right to have bigoted discrimination as part of that contract.

Let churches argue over whether the ridiculous interpretation that Sodom and Gomorrah is about gay marriage instead of a time of out of whack sexuality and abuse that is practiced by some so-called straight men all over the world. The government has NO right to limit the contract based on any religion. Separation of church and state, remember? *taking some deep breaths*

I am just plain mad and if we had a Supreme Court of any honor (half of it clearly has none), they would declare this as unconstitutional as they once did slavery... Oh wait, the good old boys on the court back then didn't declare that unconstitutional. I swear this nation has been on the wrong track from the get go. It's past time to change that.  If some states could vote to okay slavery, take the vote back from women, or legalize discrimination against one race or gender, they still would.

If people think it doesn't matter who wins the presidency, this is a good example of why it does-- and equally important the House and Senate. Get off our duffs and work to get the right people in the Congress-- and the right president or don't go whining about the results in four more years! That Supreme Court will be so embedded, it'll take another lifetime to have a chance to remove any of them. (well we could impeach Thomas for having not recused himself on those issues where his wife clearly was impacting his defining of constitutional).

UPDATE: Good for Obama on finally standing up for full marriage equality. Better late than never and this is a time we all need to stand up for everyone's rights. In the end, they are our rights also.   

Obama cites his faith in supporting same sex marriage


MerCyn said...

Just returned from vacation overseas - it is refreshing when politics has more to do with: do you agree with a candidate's ideas on how to solve problems - rather than strictly ideological/religious positions. The backsliding to bigotry and prejudice is not just disappointing and frustrating - it is downright scary.

la peregrina said...

Hear, hear! I feel your pain and anger.

As you know the Kansas state legislature has just passed a bill that makes it more difficult for women to receive complete birth control information and options, including abortion. This bill also allows a doctor to keep any medical information from a pregnant woman that the doctor thinks will cause the woman to end her pregnancy.

It has also passed an initiative that denies Planned Parenthood any state monies set aside to help low income woman receive pre-pregnancy health care because they perform legal abortions. They have also denied Planned Parenthood federal Title X money. As my husband points out, the state is taking the tax money that we women of Kansas put into the state coffers and is using it to curtail our legal rights.

What is wrong with us as a people? To many of us are sanctimonious bastards with no empathy or respect for anyone who does not hold the same religious or political beliefs that they do. Not only do they not have any respect or empathy for anyone who doesn't think the way they do, they see things in terms of biblical right or wrong. Anyone who is wrong is against God and does not deserve respect or empathy in the first place. I find that frightening.

Anonymous said...

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

This is all incredibly frightning. I was just talking to someone yesterday about what is wrong with us, as a 'people'. No empathy, no sympathy--everyone self-involced to the point of impossible....and so filled with nasty disrespect for almost everything and everyone---especially those that do not think like they do. And such cynicism, too---ALL under the guise of Religion and The Bible!

We are going backwards, and I don't understand it. Discrimination against women????? It gets worse and worse. And what's wrong with the women of our country that they don't see what is happening....
This Amendment One goes against everything that our constitution states and stands for.

Hattie said...

It's going to get worse before it gets...worse.
The rich people have stolen everything and set us against each other. They are the ones to blame for the mess we are in, but we have been taught since infancy to revere them and so they will never be held to account for the damage they have done.

karmanot said...

Well done Rain, well done.