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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Predators and the land

Thought it'd be about wild animals, didn't you? Or maybe human criminals? How about those who would block the vote of citizens as a way to win their election? If you can't win by lying ads, by doing all you can to damage the country and make the existing president look bad, how about just blocking his most likely voters through voter suppression?

I can hear righties now. It's only to block non-citizens or the frauds. So exactly how big has that problem been?

Frankly a lot of Republicans don't care how they win. The idea that a woman who might've voted for 50 years would find herself going to the polls and being disenfranchised is not a problem to them. The idea that not everyone can afford to go down to the DMV and supply them with the proper birth certificate because they don't drive, hey who would that person be? Likely an Obama voter and therefore good to get them gone is the obvious assumption from the right and they have admitted as much.

Just in case these Republicans are onto something, how prevalent is voter impersonation, the kind that needs new ID laws? 

Of course, that's not what you'd be reading on the right wing, conspiracy rag-- WND.

Frankly I had no idea this kind of thing could even happen when in 2008 we donated for the first time to the governor's race to get a Democrat, whose record I very much respected. I didn't dream what Republican governors would do if they got power. I hope Americans, who do care about democracy, are paying attention as there is a real effort to suppress, scare off voters by threats, lie to them about voting places, make it hard for them to vote, as a way to win this election by hook or by crook.

It isn't just the United States Presidency at stake. It isn't just the United States Congress. The power of state government to undo what others would vote to accomplish has been widely displayed these last two years. Tea Partiers the party of democracy? You joke.

The Obama team is onto this and some of the money we have donated has gone into registration drives and getting voters those IDs. I hope it's enough as the last thing we need in this country is the feeling that voting is not our right and obligation. Everyone should get educated about the issues, the candidates, and take responsibility for the direction in which the country is going. To do less is not to deserve those who died for this right.