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Saturday, May 05, 2012

from Bill Maher

I'll have a new blog up soon on the quail here but while I am sorting photos, how about this badge again on Kay's blog.

It's the simple truth and people who think they can opt out might opt out of making decisions, but they cannot opt out of the consequences of the ones others' make!


Anonymous said...

Too many of my family and friends want nothing to do with "politics". to which I say that is too bad for the future of our country. Shame

Tabor said...

If people do not vote I do not want to hear their opinion on the majority of things that affect our lives.

Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for the mention!!!

I've long said that if one doesn't vote, he/she loses his/her right to complain and, of course, Bill said it much better.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVE Bill Maher....He says it like it is---with no B.S.!!!

Robert the Skeptic said...

He makes a salient point, and encourages me to not give up the fight... even it it only means taking up a #2 pencil in hand.

Dion said...

Bill Maher is a bright guy with many liberal political views that I share. Though, like many, he can't accept the truth of what this country is facing.

I much prefer Chris Hedges point of view. He's so much worldlier than Bill Maher. Maher is good at what he does, a comic turned political pundit who likes smoking pot and sex with bimbos and he hates the Right-wing. Chris Hedges, on the other hand has a biography that tells me he knows more than Bill Maher can ever hope to. We all need to choose who we will listen to.

Read this link, please

Dion said...

I tried using html to make the link look all pretty, but Blogger is have none of that.


Rain Trueax said...

I haven't liked Hedges as well for some reason and don't watch news in the middle of any day; so miss his show. I have heard him though do Rachel's and do commentary elsewhere.

That link won't work for me. What is it for?

Incidentally, Maher has a BA in history and english from Cornell; so he's not a male comic bimbo.

He has several issues that aren't mine but he has interesting guests, usually a mix of serious subject interviews on things he cares about like American diet, global warming, economics, etc. He also has conservatives to defend their viewpoint which can drive me nuts, but it does make for a real conversation and not just an attaboy.

Incidentally most of Maher's relationships have been with intelligent women who happen to be beautiful-- not exactly bimbos. He just won't get married and doesn't want kids but that doesn't mean he jumps from woman to woman. His relationships have been several years usually or more.

Rain Trueax said...

Now I am wondering if this is the same Hedges who is on MSNBC sometimes. After reading that article, you obviously know I disagree. This system that the far left wants to overturn, the corporate system is where our jobs have been and are. They are also where our investments are. So when you do that, do my husband and I lose all we have in the stock market? If you level out all that is, will you even get to keep what you have?

I see the problem with corporate America gaining more power with what the Supreme Court did but that's the very reason Obama does matter and when you smugly vote for a third party type, who cannot win and is too extreme for most Americans even if they knew their names, you then guarantee more Roberts, Alitos, Kennedys, Scalias and Thomases.

I guess you would throw out the entire political system and replace it with what? You simply do not have enough people who see it as you do. Most of us want to keep the system we have but just control the corporate input to it.

Did you read of the Greek woman who was working in a mainstream bank there, felt safe, but the far left there threw a firebomb into her bank, she couldn't get out and was killed not long before her wedding. You don't kill the big guys, you kill the innocents who work there and turn this whole system into something scary for us all with no physical security for anybody because that firebombing was terrorism whatever name you call it by.

If you throw out the entire system today, you know what will replace it-- the meanest toughest bastard out there. Good luck with that. And if you use Europe as an example for the right way-- they're still in transition also.

France just voted back in a leader who will give the people all the benefits that an austerity party was not. We'll see how that goes in a couple of years. You cannot promise what is not there to all the people when you really don't have the money to do it. Any leadership has to be based on logos not pathos or ethos (because who knows who is ethical when they claim you can trust them).

I think we can change the American system but if people opt out or want to revolt and peacefully or otherwise throw out everything we have, what will they replace it with? My guess is people like me will lose all we have worked to gain. We are responsible investors, choose real companies to put our money, but it's part of the pot that some want to divide up, isn't it?

I can go for single payer or public option for health care. I can go for government upping my taxes but when you say you want to throw out all that's there, I'd like a lot more specifics on what you'd have next. I researched the libertarian party once and the guy at the head of that had as much a dictator mentality as anybody!

Dion said...

My bringing up bimbos wasn't necessary for my comment, but since you feel the need to stand up for Maher, you should read this.


Rain Trueax said...

Yeah, it was in his wikipedia site also and he doesn't pretend otherwise. I guess it depends on how you define bimbo. Sexy, hot and into the sex industry requires them to be bimbos? How about that I write romantic novels? I qualify too?

See I see bimbo as not bright and nothing about those women indicates to me that they were not bright. Now I do not personally know that he wants intelligent lovers; so you may be right. But nothing in this indicates he doesn't.

Sometimes on his show he flirts with one of the women and they do follow a certain type. But they aren't dumb acting anyway ;)

Dion said...

It's not often I use the word bimbo, but I feel I have basic knowledge that gets me through life. So I said to myself, "I better read the definition of 'bimbo', I may have offended someone", and this is what was what I found.

1. Slang - A woman regarded as vacuous or as having an exaggerated interest in her sexual appeal.

2. a fellow; person esp a foolish one.

Noun 1. bimbo - a young woman indulged by rich and powerful older men

noun (Informal) Barbie (doll), dumb blonde, airhead, birdbrain, feather brain.

So, seriously is there any reason to become indignant about my choice of words in regard to Bill Maher's girlfriends? Maybe 'bimbo' is a word I shouldn't use in 'mixed' company. If so, it's about time I knew that to be the case. Cause for one thing, I've never heard anyone refer to Danielle Steel as a bimbo.

Rain Trueax said...

I just disagreed, didn't make me indignant. And you are one of my favorite people to debate here; so I have to take my opportunities when I gets them ;)

I'll be off for awhile. We're leaving the Tucson house and heading back north which means it's always iffy whether I'll be able to get online here but in case I don't, it won't mean I won't okay your comments-- I always okay them ;)

So many motels have internet these days that hopefully I won't be off all that long.

Dion said...

Happy trails, Rain.