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Friday, May 25, 2012


For fans of quail, I put most of the photos we took, while in Arizona this April into May, onto a slide show (without music so you can take your time looking at them). Quail tend to be excellent at blending into the background and when you think there's just one, wait a minute as they travel in coveys or pairs.

Oregon does have quail, but they don't frequent our farm. I do miss watching them. You can sit and do that for hours and even get the point of recognizing different pairs. The other thing I enjoy while there is the sounds of the mourning doves.

And there is this one photo that I didn't get into the last blog. It was taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, one of those places I always love to spend time when in Tucson. Now that looks relaxing!


Tabor said...

Really love those photos. That one with the dad is worth framing. Love the late evening or early morning shots with the sun brightening their eyes. I would so love to see these in the wild. That wolf shot is also a great photo! Thank you.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Such fabulous photos Rain....I LOVE these Baby Quail...They certainly are a darling family...!
And that one picture on your Blog---FABULOUS!!