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Monday, January 31, 2022

And so we begin


From January and Wild Woman Rising Calendar

Reaching the end of January,  I thought I'd write a bit about calendars. I don't suppose all consider a wall calendar essential with the computer to tell us what date it is. I like them and have bought them for years as a way to inspire myself.

Last year and for many years, mine had the inspiration from Thich Nhat Hanh along with images by various artists like Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin. When I decided to go a different route this year, I had no idea Hanh would die the 22nd of January. I am sure though his calendars will go on with their inspiring thoughts like "The present moment is the only moment that is real. Your most important task is to be here and now and enjoy the present moment."

I thought that maybe having the thoughts by a woman would be good for me. I chose Wild Woman Rising-- Goddess, warrior, healer, rebel-- for this year's. I wanted the inspiration for myself and my writing (which has been in the doldrums). 

This is its inspiring thought for January-- "Practice Tender Fierceness  A sage once said of wild woman: 'She is not fragile like a flower. She is fragile like a bomb.'  It is a sacred charge to hold both our power and tenderness in balance, each deeply reverent of the other. When we speak truth to power, with grace instead of judgment, Wild Woman rises."

So, here we head for a new year, the Year of the Tiger according to Chinese astrology, which will begin February 4th. If though, you follow the Celtic New Year, February 1st is Imbolc, which is ewe's milk. Although we are not at the farm, the first twin lambs have already been born.