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Friday, May 11, 2012


Being way too busy and with my mind not exactly operating in a way that leads to great blog posts, I thought I'd put up some photos of the javelina. We photograph them whenever see them. Oddly enough they are not biologically pigs but rather are rodents. I have no idea how scientists decide such things but there must be a reason.

Farm Boss was coming out from the pool area and said he smelled something before he saw them-- like skunk like odor. They were just standing at the quail block and watching him.

You will see in these photos why they can be animals to be cautious around. They really don't go out looking to attack humans but if they feel cornered, they will and their tusks can open up a leg quite easily.

Tucson got what is called a haboob Wednesday which meant big dust storm. This photo is looking toward Pusch Ridge and as you can see, it was dusted out. We could not see the Tucson Mountains from our house. It led to not a lot of fantastic color for photos; plus the animals and birds do know when to take cover in those weather events. I will get back to the quail before we leave.

I created the following video about this house, the one we call Casa Espiritu, and the creatures who live here.  It's is also on my YouTube channel. If you find videos of interest, bookmark-- Rain Trueax Channel.


I have also decided to create a blog just for trailers, no real talk, just these videos as well as possibly those by others who would like to share theirs. I'll provide a link to that when I get it set up.


robin andrea said...

Javelinas are such interesting looking creatures.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVED the video, though I can't read very fast, so I missed a lot of the words---Your place is BEAUTIFUL and all the "nature" that surrounds you is truly wonderful.
The Javelina are a strange but interesting animal--I wonder why they are considered rodents---That seems very very odd, to me.

Hattie said...

Just wrote a comment on another blog about how I dislike Arizona, but your pix of the wildlife could just change my mind. I guess it's the humans like that Sheriff Arapio and his goons that bug me!
I especially liked the shot of the hummingbird in the video.
And those Javelinas: I would swear they were pigs, and yet they aren't. That is very strange.

Rubye Jack said...

I just love Arizona but sure don't get the politics. Regardless, cool video-very well done!
Javelinas are weird little animals though.

Darlene said...

Your photos are, as always, just magnificent. The Hummingbird shot was outstanding.

Your slide show brought back fond memories of the delicious lunch and of the enjoyable afternoon when I sat on your patio watching the birds flit in and out.

Aside to Rubeye and Hattie; there is nothing wrong with Arizona, It't the idiots in Maricopa County (Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale) that give us a bad reputation. Come to Tucson where we still have some sane people.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, it's a wonderful state with so much beauty and some very nice people. We had so little time this trip with a ton of things to do which most have been done. We had one photo trip planned and fortunately we got that. I have a book which may end up in Kindle. If it did, I wanted to do a Trailer for it which meant I needed photos from that part of Arizona between us and the border. It almost didn't happen due to so much we had to do but we got it in on Friday and met a very nice guy out there. He worked down there and when we came down the gravel road, he stopped and visited a bit.

But also the drive down that way and back up had some people who drove like idiots. I'd like to say they were unique to Arizona but i've seen them in Oregon too. What makes people drive so crazy?

Anyway that trip will hopefully get a slideshow for it as it shows a part of Arizona that many will never see and it's so special.

We hope to come back in December, Darlene and maybe we'll have more time to visit then. This trip it wasn't possible with all the landscaping and assorted jobs that had to be done to make it ready for the next renters who come in next week. We leave on Monday after Farm Boss has a business meeting at the house. Our cats will not be happy as they are finally adjusted to being here.

Ingineer66 said...

It looks beautiful down there but Haboobs do not look like any fun. My son said they got one last year at Twentynine Palms that had rain with it so it rained mud. Did wonders on his car.

joared said...

I recall a few dust storms when we lived in Phoenix/Scottsdale. I can still picture the darkening sky roiling toward our house. A half-dozen drops of muddy rain splattered on the drive and car parked outside the carport. Despite our house's doors and windows shut tight there was a thin layer of dust all over inside. Also, I recall a drive to Tucson when we couldn't drive further 'til the storm passed.

Javelinas are sometimes referred to as Skunk Pigs though they're peccaries -- part of a larger order including pigs and may be another one that includes the hippopotamus. Wild pigs and peccaries can be differentiated by the shape of the canine tooth, or tusk. I always heard when we lived in AZ that the Javelinas in a pack could be dangerous if you encountered them in the wild as they can become aggressive and have killed humans. They'll eat small animals.

Rain Trueax said...

When we first got our stray from down there, BB, would growl when he saw the javelina outside. I wondered at that but knew they killed dogs. They killed our neighbor's beautiful dog by ripping open her belly. They have ripped open people's legs. Definitely dangerous and nothing to be careless around. I can see how they could kill humans if they got them out and there were enough of them. They are like pigs for what they will eat.