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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Do as they say-- not as they do

Republicans amuse me almost as much as their presidential candidate right now. Oh how despicable (oh wait that was Ariana Huffington) that President Obama would dare to say he ordered the attack on Osama bin Laden, and Romney might not have. Playing politics-- oh the woe.

Wait a minute but this is the same Romney who said he would respect national borders and not attack Osama in Pakistan without permission from their government.

But that's silly I mean when does Romney ever say what he really thinks or would do?  So, now it's, of course, he'd have ordered it given no risk to his presidency for doing it. Don't fret your little head that Republicans might remember what can go wrong and did when Carter tried to rescue the Iranian hostages. This time was different. Everybody knew this one would turn out. I mean what could go wrong?

The hypocrisy of the Republicans should not amaze me but it always does. They cheered when Bush played politics on an aircraft carrier, when he hadn't even won the war he was claiming. That was different. But a black Democrat, him telling the truth of what he did, and suggesting the 'other' guy might have meant what he had earlier said. Oh how despicable.

Ariana should be ashamed of herself for piling on. Maybe she's going back to her original party. I will be looking a lot more critically at Huffington in the future and trusting her views a lot less after her statements on this.

I knew, of course, that there would be as many attacks on Obama from the left as the right. That's how the left likes to operate-- shoot itself in the foot. What Obama said in that ad wasn't even unfair. It was truthful, but the left should play fair while the right doesn't?

Playing politics is so disgusting-- unless, of course, it's right wing SEALs who are doing it and also slamming onto Obama for daring to say he ordered that raid. Interesting how they'd have seen it should there not been that extra helicopter along, should it not have worked out so well? It's not like guarantees were written into this-- except after the fact. Since SEALs aren't supposed to be political, are supposed to back their government, which means their Commander in Chief, we only hear from those who already left the military or speak anonymously. Handy.

Republicans have jumped onto a new complaint against Obama as he runs an ad attacking Romney for using Swiss bank accounts. After all it's legal for Americans to do that. Obama is hitting below the belt.  Finagling your  tax returns is probably also off limits.

But should someone who is running for the highest office in this country, not be held to a higher standard on where they deposit money and how they get a lower tax rate (revealing what that was for the last 10 years to be sure the tactics have had him paying his fair share all the way)?

Keep in mind, when someone puts their money in a Swiss account, the profits do not go to banks in this country, their money is not used to fund loans here. If you believe in this country, wouldn't you back it also? Shouldn't a president, more than anyone else, believe in this country?

Oh forget that idea-- that's using logic. A big no-no for the emotionally driven Republican party.

If they can just get President Obama to play by rules they never have themselves--
If they can get him to not address their accusation that he's soft on terrorists--
If they can get him to ignore their accusations that he's part of the other--
If they can stop him from holding Romney's feet to the fire 
on taxes and business practices--
Obama will then be another Gore and Kerry. 

Wise move-- for somebody!

Update: After I wrote that, I read this by -- Andrew Sullivan-- on the freak-out. As usual, he's right on.


Tabor said...

The lies and obfuscation have started but what grates the most is the hypocrisy. They can say and do things against the liberals, but the liberals must observe a much more careful set of rules.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, that irks me most too but in this case, I feel it was fair game. Arianna implied it was suggesting Romney isn't a patriot. I might say that his putting his money overseas is more proof of that. This is just proof of his inconsistency for what he says versus does. I hope Republican wake up to that before the election. Who knows what he'd do once in office. he also implied he'd go to war with Iran. Does he mean that?

joared said...

I've had reservations about Huffington for years beginning when she came to Calif. It became clear to me she was the real Republican Senate candidate, though her then-husband was on the ballot. Fortunately, he didn't win. Later he supported Swartzenegger in a recall of our Gov. She ran against Arnold, but later withdrew, though her name remained on the ballot. I don't know if she had a sudden religious/political conversion after her divorce, or great insightful 'aha' moments. She clearly did reinvent herself.

Rain Trueax said...

I remember her back then too and had zero respect for her then. Maybe she's as much a chameleon as Romney and hence she relates to him. She made a lot of money off Huffington by not paying their blog writers which has frustrated some of them who are professionals. Yes, she gave them a forum but then she made a fortune from it...

la peregrina said...

Stupid is as stupid does.
-Forrest Gump

And thanks for the link to Andrew Sullivan. I liked his quote from Michael Tomasky.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Here are the dirty facts that should be rubbed into every Republican's faces: Bush stood on an aircraft carrier and claimed "mission accomplished" when NOTHING had been accomplished other than starting the two LONGEST wars in our nations' history.

Obama stood behind a microphone and said: "We got him"; Osama bin Laden CONFIRMED DEAD.

It requires a sense of ethics to experience shame; it's why Republicans lack both.