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Saturday, March 26, 2022



No, I didn't misspell that. It was a dream and kind of an odd dream. I had apparently been taking a class. The teacher left us an assignment to write what we thought regarding a word,


As best, in my dream, I knew when I looked at it, I had never seen such a word. I wasn't sure if looking at a dictionary was okay but I had one on my desk. There was the word and some meanings.




Well that worked pretty well to give me some ideas on what to write mainly regarding what made life work for us. It was all in long hand and I wrote the things I thought that made life more worthwhile. It was things like nature, animals, and who knows what else I wrote in the dream. I began to wonder if looking in a dictionary for the meaning of the word had been okay. Was I supposed to know the word. I wrote two pages and then needed to fill in some more before I woke. I had no idea what the professor wanted from the assignment but water is life on this planet and then what makes life good was my approach.

After I woke as I laid there I wondered why such an odd dream about an assignment and was I supposed to learn something from a word that doesn't exist.

Have you heard the word Grok-- another word that wasn't real until it appeared in a book? It means how we can connect with someone without words and it's now in the dictionary. I doubt Groop will appear there but it is good to think what makes life good for us.