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Thursday, November 25, 2021

What's up

 Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving. Lately there has been a push to put down the original reason for the holiday; but if we get past those arguments and concentrate instead on what we can be grateful for, it is a beneficial day whether we are celebrating it as we might wish or doing the best we can for where we are.

I plan to continue with this blog but not on a regular schedule as before. It'll be when something comes along that I want to share-- maybe more often or less. Some might get a bit political but not partisan as our culture is being impacted by the political. We need to think about what is going on and hopefully without attacking others... (fingers crossed).

A quick synopsis of our last month involves travel across the Western United States. We left Oregon in our travel trailer on October 15th, drove through California and straight down through Nevada. Time in Beatty let us see the wild burros as they came through the RV park.


We arrived in our Tucson home on the 29th. That was not all driving with several times of spending extra days in RV parks due to weather or RV repairs. Sometimes I just couldn't stand the idea of sitting in the truck the next day. The three cats hated the travel in the cat boxes the most but it was safest. 

With now about the same amount of time here in Tucson, I am still unwinding as anxiety attacks are not made better by time on the highway-- although this one had less scary moments than many in the past. I am still walking like an old lady-- wait, I am an old lady!

Ranch Boss has stayed busy with repairs (the trailer we had left here had been infested by pack rats). He has it all shaped up now (that trailer is going back to Oregon eventually for my brother and his property in Eastern Oregon but not sure when that'll happen).

As you can see, we still have boxes to unpack (photo from yesterday) but we got up the Christmas greens, maybe the lights after Thanksgiving, which will be just the two of us but a turkey with the trimmings.