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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Curioser and Curioser

Following around Mitt Romney's campaign (editorially speaking) always leaves me scratching my head. What is with this guy? And there is nothing stranger than the way he caters to Donald Trump-- the way he plays to him as though he thinks he's using Trump for his own eventual electoral gain.

So Romney puts out a birth certificate right before a Vegas fundraiser with the big showman. What was that all about except a kind of dig at the fact that secretly he agrees with the Donald on birtherism? He hints that he doesn't but then he does that?  (Personally, in his case, I'd rather see 10 years of his tax statements). He wants the birther votes obviously. Doesn't he think he'd get them anyway? Oh wait, he wants theirs and the ones who think that whole thing is nuts.

To someone interested in human behavior, Mitt's bowing before the Donald has me shaking my head.

Is it that he sees the Donald as the cool guy he wanted to be but he had to be too straight as a Mormon kid? Is it he thinks he can use him but not put him in his Cabinet, not have him wanting to tell him what to do once he's President? What is really going on in Romney's head when he runs around with a jerk like Trump? Is it that they both like firing people and most of the rest of us can't relate?

Birtherism is nuts pure and simple. And that Trump stays with it, doubling down on it, shows how much he resents Obama and not the least probably is how he so subtly ridiculed Trump at the dinner when he knew he had given orders that nailed Osama bin Laden. What he said that night turned Trump into a laughingstock. Like he wasn't already...

Trump and Romney are the boys who feel they should run the world. They both were born to wealth but made more of their own once they became adults. Trump as a gambling and slum lord and Romney as a vulture capitalist. They are both kind of weird looking men for all their pretty features. They are the kind of men most women look at and go ewwwww. Handsome doesn't actually draw in women the way some think and these two guys have the ewwwww quality in spades.

The thing is Romney has said it time and again, he won't tell Americans what he will do as President because they wouldn't vote for him. He now said he would hang around with anyone to get that 50.1% of the vote. Isn't that a warning to us all-- on both sides of the political spectrum?

The thing with Trump is he thinks he's going to be the power behind the throne. That's pretty obvious when you listen to him talk. So why does Romney want to run with him? It makes him look like the kind of guy who automatically respects those who have money. Oh wait, he is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Creative Destruction

Last week I read an article-- Private Equity Insider offers some pointers, which said Romney isn't wisely defending how he earned his fortune. He should refer to what people like him do as creative destruction. I loved that term but well understand why Romney wouldn't want to use it. Here's what Wikipedia says regarding from where it came and what it means: creative destruction

Basically you get the idea-- you destroy one thing to get a better thing. It's about growth and advancement... Perhaps Americans should consider what that advancement means and who gets it? They are about to vote in a man who made a fortune with this 'creative destruction' and it's his sole reason for saying he's worthy of being the president of the United States.

Romney cannot run on policies because he's been all over the place in those policies. One time he says he will be the gay's best friend. Next time he favors a federal marriage amendment which would totally end all gay marriages in all states-- with or without kids.

He's for choice. Oh wait, now against it as he had an enlightening experience-- wanta guess from where?

Hates ObamaCare but since it was formed on the policies of RomneyCare (his only real success while running Massachusetts) now he has to deny it).

He criticizes our educational system but would gut it with sending tax dollars to private schools while he also advocates for bigger class sizes. Everybody knows a teacher can teach better with 40 students than 16. (wonder what size classes his kids benefited from). If ANY teacher is supporting him, they aren't paying enough attention.

He saved Denver's winter Olympics by-- wait for it-- getting government aid for it. But he's against government aid.

He's against the deficit while he talks war with Iran. And on it goes. I am an old woman but in all my years of voting, I have never seen the like. Maybe in the lower ranks but never with a real shot at being president. Well, maybe Sarah Palin if something had happened to McCain after he got the presidency.

You tell me what Romney (the I'd cut the deficit the first day in office or wait-- everybody knows if you severely cut the deficit right now we'd go into a depression) would do policy wise, but we do know what he'd do in economics based on his consistent past performance. Success is measured by how well the stock market does. It's not about jobs. It's not about pensions. It's not about good salaries. It's not about working conditions. It is all about whether the investors did well.

So as president, he'd be all out there for investors; and those who are funding  Super PACs know this. If you are an investor-- good going to support him. IF you are an average Joe and have a little pension you've been building up through the company where you work-- you better think twice. This man doesn't believe in people accumulating wealth in the lower levels. That kind of thing, along with good salaries for the average worker, blocks prosperity. If he had taken over your company, you'd have been fired, your pension gone, and if you were lucky and the company survived, you could reapply starting all over again for benefits. Guess who walks off with whatever pension pool there might be!

How do you suppose the Bain investors, like Romney, came out of their endeavors with so much wealth? They did it on the backs of the workers. They broke unions, smashed contracts, paid those workers less, and walked away with millions time and again-- even if the company failed.

The irony of this with Romney and likely many like him-- no guilt. I always wondered why GW Bush had no guilt either. They simply don't get what they put others through. They don't care. It's all about them. Is this a case of to the silver spoon born?

When you vote, you better think about what you care about, Unless you are rich, Romney isn't in your corner and you know it if you study anything about his record. He favors gutting public schools, increasing their class sizes, banning a whole group of people from marriage simply for their gender, gutting regulations (because everybody knows corporations don't cheat or do damage to the environment). OR he doesn't and he's been lying this campaign season. Which do you suppose it is?

Just remember one thing about it all-- creative destruction means you!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lest we forget

Joe Biden gave a recent speech which was both emotional and a powerful reminder that some families have sacrificed everything in our recent US wars while many of us have given nothing. Any war is tragic, a failure, but can we learn from them? If we do, it's not all in vain.

And one thing we need to learn more than anything else is both to thank those who fought them and be sure we don't forget them when it's time to deliver the promised Veteran's benefits.

Friday, May 25, 2012


For fans of quail, I put most of the photos we took, while in Arizona this April into May, onto a slide show (without music so you can take your time looking at them). Quail tend to be excellent at blending into the background and when you think there's just one, wait a minute as they travel in coveys or pairs.

Oregon does have quail, but they don't frequent our farm. I do miss watching them. You can sit and do that for hours and even get the point of recognizing different pairs. The other thing I enjoy while there is the sounds of the mourning doves.

And there is this one photo that I didn't get into the last blog. It was taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, one of those places I always love to spend time when in Tucson. Now that looks relaxing!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yellowstone Experience

My enthusiasm for writing this blog is low in the aftermath of driving so far and with so much traffic. I came back to the farm feeling highly stressed which didn't lessen when I got an episode of food poisoning at the same time as the emotional upset over it led to sky high blood pressure. EEk.

So I went to my doctor-- reluctantly I might add-- even though the numbers were back down to what is normal for me but borderline not okay by the medical system. He suggested with one of those little smiles he does so well, that I try a med for it. I was prepared, mentally resigned, and so I am starting onto something he claims is mild, without side effects-- and might help.

I also know I need to reduce my stress level by expecting less of myself, walking more, losing weight, and not letting things get to me. I am a lucky woman in a ton of ways but stress is about anything that isn't going well or does upset a person. I am going to work on improving my reaction to it.

Today I am relishing the sound of rain outside an open glass door. I do love that sound and all the green that is so lush around the farmhouse.

So, stress tips appreciated and in the meantime, here is one of the scenery videos I created for YouTube. I had put it out before but with different music. For this I used JewelBeat (which provides a license to use anywhere for $.99 or free if you allow their name at the end). But I like owning the license and this brings back wonderful memories of one almost magical trip and all the wonderful animals we saw. Doubtless I will go there again but it's unlikely I will ever have so many wonderful chances to photograph so many animals. It was awesome.

The music perfectly matches its energy. See if it helps your stress level.

You might consider bookmarking my YouTube Channel as once in awhile I will add more of this sort from trips that truly did feed my soul as I took them and now again through these photos!

Friday, May 18, 2012


It might be awhile before I post something rational here as we just made the long drive back from Tucson but will only be at the farm a day before we drive south again to attend our grandchildren's choir concert. Then maybe a quick side-trip to get photos I could use in another book trailer before back to the farm, and I hope settling in for awhile before going anywhere.

The Tucson trip was successful in terms of all the work done on the house. It didn't allow for any real play time and a lot of what I had hoped to do, with a whole month to be there, didn't happen. I can't believe how fast the time went.

The complication was the heat. Most of what Farm Boss had to do was outside and with temps above 100°F, he really could only get that work done during the mornings and evenings. The energy that might have gone into hiking simply was gone then for doing much else.

My plans had been to visit the Arizona State Museum for research-- didn't happen. Spend time at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for wildlife photos-- quick trip but no photos. Hike a lot-- nope.

What did happen was a lot of great landscaping and repairs; so that the house looks much better than when we arrived. Also Farm Boss got work done on his consulting business, and I had many beneficial hours writing with one more book now out on Kindle and a couple of trailers either done or on their way.

Some ask why do trailers if they don't sell books. Well I don't know if they do sell but here's the why-- it's more places to have the book titles show up. Frankly the biggest problem for an indie writer is getting their work seen at all. Every single place you can put them, is a benefit. It's all about marketing, marketing, marketing because without that, the books disappear from view.

We also had one very nice day-trip down in the San Rafael Valley.  That is the Old West even today (although some of it is very yuppified). It is wild and potentially dangerous with long distance between water sources, roads with very little traffic, and the potential of meeting up with smugglers (warning signs up from the Border Patrol in the most likely areas).

That country brought back fond memories to me as when Farm Boss was at the UofA, we would go out there with our friends (parapluie and fisherman) and walk up the gulches looking for minerals. Back then the only danger would have been rattlesnakes, falling, or getting lost. I don't think I'd hike up those gorges these days.

We had one amusing moment in one of those places. I heard a turkey gobble but didn't see it. Farm Boss stopped the truck and I gobbled back to the bird. Then the bird would gobble again. Each time I'd make the sound, he'd reply but didn't come out of his tree or hiding place. It was funny and so I laughed... Big mistake. After that when I gobbled, he didn't reply. I would say he was a little put out.

When I have time, which will be next week probably, I'll put together some of those photos from that day into a video. I was thrilled with all I got and want to spend more time there... Which might happen if we get back down this year sometime... or might not. There is a lot to do up here too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will America elect a bully?

Because I have been extremely busy and the week ahead won't get lighter, I haven't had a lot of time to put into this blog. I have been reading though and there is a lot I am thinking regarding Romney. This writer says some of what I feel.

To me it's worse than that. If he was just an unthinking jerk, it'd be one thing; but he has used power, every single time he has had it, to bully others. He chuckles as he relates the experiences, and I'd say that means he sees it as empowering him. That's how bullies operate.

Some see that Obama having been a community organizer was bad. I mean helping people succeed, how good can that be? To those with that viewpoint, they see Romney as better to be president because he got wealthy. Perhaps they see it good that he made his fortune by firing people or bankrupting companies where his corporation could cannibalize their parts and put together new companies.

They think he started Staples therefore it means he will be good for business--

He saved the Olympics--

 Finally for those who find it hard to keep track of all his lies--

Keep in mind these aren't things he said he would do or that he changed his mind about. These are out and out lies and a lot of them not even logical which basically makes him a pathological liar, I think.

For the Americans who think because he made himself wealthy, that means he can make them, I have a bridge to sell them--- one to nowhere.

What I'd like to know is why is the Republican party foisting this guy off on the rest of us?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Colors of the Sonoran Desert

For people not familiar with the Sonoran Desert, deserts often seem desolate places. While there are places like that, the Sonoran Desert is a rich habitat with diverse plants and many creatures living well within its expanse.

Tucson is around 2000 feet elevation. Its vegetation is related to elevation and varies quite a bit across the valley. When the first pioneers came here, the valley was full of tall grass and the Santa Cruz River ran full with cottonwood trees along its banks. Overgrazing and human use changed some of that, but still it's lush and has many different types of habitat within its valley as it's ringed by mountain ranges. Some go up to the level of pine and fir trees, others are desert mountains.

Where we have our home, is a ridge off one of the Catalina Mountain's ridges. It is one of the areas where ironwood trees flourish as well as palo verde. For a very brief season, right around Cinco de Mayo, they often bloom at the same time and the colors are brilliant.

Ironwood trees are lovely, providing good shade but they also are slivery with the kind of tiny, nearly invisible slivers you don't see, but if you touch their branches, leaves or walk barefoot around them, you find them quick enough. I don't suppose many people would purposely plant them, but I love them for their shapes and that brief season in spring when they turn into cotton candy balls.

Most of the year, palo verde trees are a rather feathery green but as you can see, they have a spring season of intense color. When the two types of trees are in the same area, it's like a cacophony of color.

These photos were all taken of our Tucson yard. besides the many on our ridge, there are more in an area set aside for them called Ironwood National Monument.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Being way too busy and with my mind not exactly operating in a way that leads to great blog posts, I thought I'd put up some photos of the javelina. We photograph them whenever see them. Oddly enough they are not biologically pigs but rather are rodents. I have no idea how scientists decide such things but there must be a reason.

Farm Boss was coming out from the pool area and said he smelled something before he saw them-- like skunk like odor. They were just standing at the quail block and watching him.

You will see in these photos why they can be animals to be cautious around. They really don't go out looking to attack humans but if they feel cornered, they will and their tusks can open up a leg quite easily.

Tucson got what is called a haboob Wednesday which meant big dust storm. This photo is looking toward Pusch Ridge and as you can see, it was dusted out. We could not see the Tucson Mountains from our house. It led to not a lot of fantastic color for photos; plus the animals and birds do know when to take cover in those weather events. I will get back to the quail before we leave.

I created the following video about this house, the one we call Casa Espiritu, and the creatures who live here.  It's is also on my YouTube channel. If you find videos of interest, bookmark-- Rain Trueax Channel.


I have also decided to create a blog just for trailers, no real talk, just these videos as well as possibly those by others who would like to share theirs. I'll provide a link to that when I get it set up.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What's gone wrong with us as a people?

Yesterday should be framed in black as yet another group of voters became convinced by the religious oligarchs that their religion should dominate the country in terms of laws and rights. It is what this group has promoted in state after state with North Carolina only being the most recent. Oregon did it in 2004 with the usual accompanying rhetoric. Oh the woe if one group of people do not take the rights from another. It's so typical of mankind's history and it's so disgusting.

This article, which Hal had on Facebook, says it so well.

I don't know how far this will go before Americans wake up-- if they wake up in time. I keep asking who we are as a people? How does Arizona put forth a bill that stops women from getting help for mammograms and pap smears from Planned Parenthood? Personhood got rejected even in the South but the Republican candidate for president said he supports it-- at least during the primaries, who knows what he thinks about it today.

I was disgusted to hear Billy Graham come out in support of the North Carolina ban which even went to no civil unions. I didn't blame him so much though. It was just a disappointment, but he's a very very old man and perhaps no longer capable of full reasoning. He has a son in Franklin, who is proving himself to be all he was from his early days of causing trouble, where it has now switched to using his evil fundamentalism as a club against everyone who doesn't think as he does about religion and its purpose-- which is to amass power.

This is a disgrace, and I am still ashamed of my own state regarding what it did, Voting on discrimination? Does that make sense to anybody? Why do Americans need to have one group to attack and to whom to feel superior?

Straight out-- the government's part regarding marriage should be a business contract. It's that simple. Government has no right to have bigoted discrimination as part of that contract.

Let churches argue over whether the ridiculous interpretation that Sodom and Gomorrah is about gay marriage instead of a time of out of whack sexuality and abuse that is practiced by some so-called straight men all over the world. The government has NO right to limit the contract based on any religion. Separation of church and state, remember? *taking some deep breaths*

I am just plain mad and if we had a Supreme Court of any honor (half of it clearly has none), they would declare this as unconstitutional as they once did slavery... Oh wait, the good old boys on the court back then didn't declare that unconstitutional. I swear this nation has been on the wrong track from the get go. It's past time to change that.  If some states could vote to okay slavery, take the vote back from women, or legalize discrimination against one race or gender, they still would.

If people think it doesn't matter who wins the presidency, this is a good example of why it does-- and equally important the House and Senate. Get off our duffs and work to get the right people in the Congress-- and the right president or don't go whining about the results in four more years! That Supreme Court will be so embedded, it'll take another lifetime to have a chance to remove any of them. (well we could impeach Thomas for having not recused himself on those issues where his wife clearly was impacting his defining of constitutional).

UPDATE: Good for Obama on finally standing up for full marriage equality. Better late than never and this is a time we all need to stand up for everyone's rights. In the end, they are our rights also.   

Obama cites his faith in supporting same sex marriage

Evening and quail babies

More quail. The top photo is how the chicks are taught to hunker down when the parent makes the right call.

I hope to take more before we have to leave here. I'd like to get some of the way there is this pecking order where some push others out as soon as they try to get at the seed. It isn't easy to get photos as they move so fast.

Monday, May 07, 2012

May full moon-- flower moon or corn planting moon

May 5th was what some call the super full moon for 2012 because the moon is closest to the earth for this year. It was naturally something we could not miss the opportunity to photograph from our Tucson home-- both in the evening as it rose and again in the morning as it set. Absolutely gorgeous.

 I wanted one with the moon, cactus and ironwood. I think you'll have to enlarge it though to see them all.

Due to haze in the air, the moon was as yellow as it appears and near the horizon, just as large.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Quail in our backyard

One of the more relaxing things to do in this Tucson house is watch the birds, bunnies and assorted other denizens who live nearby or travel through. That can mean snakes, javelina, bobcats, coyotes, rabbits, packrats, and assorted birds.

My favorites are the quail which is especially neat when they come in families. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of observing quail in their native environment, they generally travel in a covey or as pairs. We have several of them right now with chicks. The youngest family had 12 chicks but not sure what is there currently as those chicks, until they get feathers to fly are bottom of the food chain for snakes and all other predators including predator birds like the Harris hawks who also enjoy watching quail.

So here are a few photos of our quail families. I might put these onto a video someday except to truly appreciate quail, you have to hear their sounds. They communicate with a wide variety of chirps and cries. When daddy doesn't feel babies are moving fast enough, he has an impressive bark. They also give warnings which cause the chicks to hunker down and make like rocks. The content sound is kind of a du-wheep, and I can tell if it's parents coming by the sounds they make to the chicks.

More quail photos to come next blog.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

from Bill Maher

I'll have a new blog up soon on the quail here but while I am sorting photos, how about this badge again on Kay's blog.

It's the simple truth and people who think they can opt out might opt out of making decisions, but they cannot opt out of the consequences of the ones others' make!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Stephen King's Message to Romney

Kay at Kay's Thinking Cap put this badge up. It needs to go viral as it so true. The right wing is convincing a lot of people of lies and the left needs to push back hard with the whole truth. We can't let rightie pundits and politicians twist slick words into something that sounds good to those who don't take the time to look at the whole picture. These people talk so loosely of patriotism while they put their own money in foreign banks. Yeah patriots all!

Good for Stephen King-- expletives and all. There are times that swear words are needed for punctuation!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cats and adventures-- or not

Taking cats on a long car trip is nothing like taking a dog. For a dog, it's all a big adventure of new scents and places to see. For a cat, it's an adventure they did not choose, and any adventure a cat did not choose is by definition-- bad.

However, for us, having them with us gave peace of mind that we didn't have to worry that they were being looked after at home or that one would get sick when we weren't there. (I think Farm Boss was more convinced by the idea of three weeks and no dirt boxes being changed.) Bringing them enabled us to spend longer down in this house which was another plus.

For my own feelings of worry over them, I am not sure if this is a product of my old age, but it might be. When I was younger, I don't remember fretting this much over any of my cats, no matter how beloved. These three are now my ipso facto kids. My biggest fear regarding them is that something would happen to us and they'd be 'dumped' into the system again. You can't explain to animals what happened.

So the trip down for them was pure hell since they had no idea where they were going or what would happen next. Pepper naturally probably feared we were sending her away.

A problem for us was finding motels that allowed cats (not as easy as ones that allow dogs) and worry once there that they'd get under a bed we could not get them out from under without tearing apart the room. It's happened. They would be fine in the room until they sensed we were getting ready to leave again-- then split and hide.

It was 1965 when we took our first major road trip with a cat. We were driving to Tucson in our Chevy for Farm Boss to attend Graduate School. Don (he was also heading for Graduate School) and Diane were driving with us in whatever they drove in those years. In our vehicle was Sheba, the black cat we had adopted within a few weeks of being married.

She actually traveled pretty well and had adjusted to a leash; so that when we lived in Tucson, we could let her out of the apartment onto our patio on a leash. She loved it-- and the neighbors got a kick out of her out there-- stretched as far as that cord would let her go. I had even made her a cloth collar to not be hard on her neck.

When we left Tucson to get back to Oregon, before our first child was due to be born, we had Sheba as always in the vehicle. Those were the days before a/c in cars. We were leaving in midsummer which meant you traveled as much as possible at night. We stopped in Gila Bend in one of those small cafes you don't see anymore-- truck driver stop, as well as anybody else, swamp cooler blowing, screen door banging as we walked in, flies, and we brought her inside in the carrier, not going to leave her in that hot car. Nobody said a word.

The cats we have today regard even the fenced pool area (which I might add is as large as many people's whole yard) as purgatory. No exit for them means it's bad. Blackie circled the fence several times establishing the fact that-- yes, it is a prison. When I first carried Pepper out thinking she would enjoy time by the pool with me, she meowed loudly and fearfully at the gate until I gave up on the experiment and carried her back inside.

They are settling into being here, and they absolutely love to watch the myriad of birds, bunnies, lizards, assorted rodents, and even found javelina which still qualified as interesting if scary. BB is the only one who goes out for brief forays when Farm Boss is working outside. He's the one who came from the desert.

Otherwise work is progressing

outside lighting fixed-- √
gravel acquired and spread on driveway-- √
gravel packed down on driveway-- ?
painting side of house-- progressing
new gate for side of house-- progressing
window screens repaired-- √
repaired pool fence and making that yard cat safe-- √
new flat screen TV, stereo system (with dock for iPod if they bring their adapter), and Blu-Ray player-- √
new toaster--√
replaced plants damaged by insects and winter freeze-- √
Repair outside drip irrigation system--  √
extend watering system-- in progress
unknown things to add to list-- guaranteed

Our next renters should be pleased-- we hope.

Photo of gravel being spread-- proving conclusively that you can take the farmer out of the farm but you cannot take the farm out of the farmer.

Oh and I got a permanent this year at my favorite Tucson salon. Last year it simply didn't get squeezed in as we had too little time. I am happy. That should do me for another two years. Yes, I know it looks a little witchy but for two days after a permanent, you cannot set, wash or condition it. I actually like the wild woman look ;).

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Do as they say-- not as they do

Republicans amuse me almost as much as their presidential candidate right now. Oh how despicable (oh wait that was Ariana Huffington) that President Obama would dare to say he ordered the attack on Osama bin Laden, and Romney might not have. Playing politics-- oh the woe.

Wait a minute but this is the same Romney who said he would respect national borders and not attack Osama in Pakistan without permission from their government.

But that's silly I mean when does Romney ever say what he really thinks or would do?  So, now it's, of course, he'd have ordered it given no risk to his presidency for doing it. Don't fret your little head that Republicans might remember what can go wrong and did when Carter tried to rescue the Iranian hostages. This time was different. Everybody knew this one would turn out. I mean what could go wrong?

The hypocrisy of the Republicans should not amaze me but it always does. They cheered when Bush played politics on an aircraft carrier, when he hadn't even won the war he was claiming. That was different. But a black Democrat, him telling the truth of what he did, and suggesting the 'other' guy might have meant what he had earlier said. Oh how despicable.

Ariana should be ashamed of herself for piling on. Maybe she's going back to her original party. I will be looking a lot more critically at Huffington in the future and trusting her views a lot less after her statements on this.

I knew, of course, that there would be as many attacks on Obama from the left as the right. That's how the left likes to operate-- shoot itself in the foot. What Obama said in that ad wasn't even unfair. It was truthful, but the left should play fair while the right doesn't?

Playing politics is so disgusting-- unless, of course, it's right wing SEALs who are doing it and also slamming onto Obama for daring to say he ordered that raid. Interesting how they'd have seen it should there not been that extra helicopter along, should it not have worked out so well? It's not like guarantees were written into this-- except after the fact. Since SEALs aren't supposed to be political, are supposed to back their government, which means their Commander in Chief, we only hear from those who already left the military or speak anonymously. Handy.

Republicans have jumped onto a new complaint against Obama as he runs an ad attacking Romney for using Swiss bank accounts. After all it's legal for Americans to do that. Obama is hitting below the belt.  Finagling your  tax returns is probably also off limits.

But should someone who is running for the highest office in this country, not be held to a higher standard on where they deposit money and how they get a lower tax rate (revealing what that was for the last 10 years to be sure the tactics have had him paying his fair share all the way)?

Keep in mind, when someone puts their money in a Swiss account, the profits do not go to banks in this country, their money is not used to fund loans here. If you believe in this country, wouldn't you back it also? Shouldn't a president, more than anyone else, believe in this country?

Oh forget that idea-- that's using logic. A big no-no for the emotionally driven Republican party.

If they can just get President Obama to play by rules they never have themselves--
If they can get him to not address their accusation that he's soft on terrorists--
If they can get him to ignore their accusations that he's part of the other--
If they can stop him from holding Romney's feet to the fire 
on taxes and business practices--
Obama will then be another Gore and Kerry. 

Wise move-- for somebody!

Update: After I wrote that, I read this by -- Andrew Sullivan-- on the freak-out. As usual, he's right on.