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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Building positive energy

Given the times in which we live, where there seems to be a constant stream of negative news, some that just breaks your heart, I think it's more important than ever that we build up positive energy in our lives as much as we possibly can.

Some would say the ticket is to ignore what is going on around them. I don't think we can or should do that because that's how you end up having your country taken over by zealots, it's how you aren't ready when something disastrous strikes you or near you; but how about we do whatever we can as we can and then we release the results? How about if we spend time doing things that make us feel happy inside. For me that is often being in nature. It is spending as much time with beauty as is possible.

February 20, we drove up from Waldport to Bellfountain, a route along the Alsea River which we don't often take when we have been at the beach. The reason we don't do it more is it takes longer and then there is my dislike of winding, narrow roads where all the rest of the vehicles seem to want to zip around the corners.

I would look out my window and see a beautiful river but also no guardrail, no shoulder and a steep incline to that river. Beautiful photo opp... Would those trees support the truck if it went off the edge? Very pretty but a little nerve wracking. It would have helped if we had driven down it to the Coast as then we'd at least have been on the inside.

The time driving was probably not so great for building positive energy (unless you are a wantabe race car driver who doesn't have a nervous passenger) but the stops at the many small parks and waysides made up for it.

The river was full of water, the trees along its bank beginning to bud out and I definitely want more time there to practice my barbless hook fly fishing this summer.
They say fishing is good for building energy. I have enjoyed time along rivers but only recently have tried to learn the art of fly fishing.

This covered bridge was not on the main road but on a side road.


Kay Dennison said...

These photos are glorious!!! I need to get out in the country more but right now it isn't practical -- my little red car doesn't do snow well. The good news is that Spring is coming -- I hope.

Paul said...

Very lovely pics Rain ! They put one in a good place...:-)

robin andrea said...

It's so true, rain, we have to balance all that "news" energy with time spent observing all that is beautiful in the world. It's a magnificent place.

Annotated Margins said...

I was once so into politics that I worked on a few campaigns. Now, so tired of the negative nothingness, I read only headlines to stay abreast of current events. I quit working in journalism for the same reason. I no longer have enough time in my life to dwell in negativity... so thanks for the tip on a beautiful drive. I'll let you know how my wife and I liked it when we get back!

mandt said...

Absolutely! Well spoken. Peace to ya's and Farm Boss....:)

Ingineer66 said...

Thanks for the post Rain. Positive energy is a wonderful thing. And so is balance in our lives. I spend time outdoors or at the gym to give myself positive energy.

I have a good friend that I discuss politics and the news with at a local coffee shop. Every once in a while we both say we are tired of it all and we should do what many in this nation do and just stick our heads in the sand and worry about who is winning on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or something. But we can never actually do it. We meet again a day or two later and start talking about the news again.