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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Image Gallery

Because of the personal nature of much of my art, one of my blogs, [Rain's Image Gallery] (my digital, oil and acrylic paintings), was not on search engines and only open to a few old friends when I gave them the URL. There were various reasons for that.

Some was because I occasionally paint nudes, which is offensive to some. Then there is the my work itself. It's not so much landscapes, although it can be, but more about my imagination, dreams and ideas. I wasn't sure those kind of paintings would be of interest to others especially since I am not a professional artist.

In January, as I was sorting a lot of things, I decided either I should delete that blog or make it public as it served no purpose when so few could go there. So if you are not offended by nudity in art, if you are interested in seeing what I do creatively besides photography and writing, please feel free to visit my gallery of current works and older pieces along with some of the reasons I do it.

When I first opened it, because of something one of my friends said about my work there, I put up the warning that blogger allows for adult content. Except that made it sound like I was hosting a porn site and I don't consider nudity in art to be pornography. Then another friend said that if someone doesn't like what they see, they don't have to go back. So that's the disclaimer now. If it doesn't suit you to see work that is sometimes sensual, don't go. I will understand.

If you do visit, enjoy time with [Playlist] which is alongside the paintings, and will play automatically as you go down the page. I put music onto my gallery because I feel music and art go together. What music you will find changes with my moods. I don't have Playlist here because my entries here are more diverse and it does slow down loading. With all the photos I use, I don't do anything to this sidebar to slow it down. Where it comes to an art gallery, viewers should take some time. Art needs time.

While I am at it, I have a second gallery which I might have mentioned before: [Rain's Sculpture Gallery]. The work there (also some nudes) is older. I am not currently doing sculpture (you can only have so many little clay people around your house before it begins to be overpowering and a little suspect).


robin andrea said...

I'm going to head over and take a look around. I love your paintings and look forward to seeing more.

Annotated Margins said...

Your art is beautiful. It's nice that you're keeping it posted. I love, Wolf, Soul Mates and Hozho.

Have you done bronzes for the others? After the Storm, Our Ways, and Dance for the Morning Star are wonderful.

mandt said...

Wonderful, beautiful expressions! Thank you for opening the Gallery....a pleasure for us to experience.

Rain said...

Thank you. I have never cast in bronze but have thought about it for Dance for the Morning Star in particular but it's very costly and I just didn't feel I could spend that kind of money.

20th Century Woman said...

I enjoyed both the paintings and the sculpture and I think you should do more sculpture. If you get too many you can always give them away to friends. I wait until someone says, "I just love that." Then I give it to her. That way I keep from having too much art pile up in my studio.

Rain said...

Thank you 20th Century woman. There were a lot of problems with doing clay sculptures. It's not inexpensive even though I have my own kilns. It's kind of hard on the hands after you do a lot of them and when I talked to galleries and stores, they wall wanted bronze. They would take clay but the kind of clay that was more like craft than fine art. There is a very limited market for clay and frankly I didn't have that many friends or family who even wanted them. I had the satisfaction of learning to do it and that was satisfying. Now my goal is to get the painting to work and it may not prove to be more financially realistic although when I do digital, at least there's no real cost or storage space involved and i get the satisfaction. I may go back to clay though at some point.