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Sunday, February 21, 2010

what if...

This cartoon came from Robin and Roger to my email and after I finally figured out how to share it here, I thought it'd be a humorous addition to the global climate change debate.


mandt said...

"A better world for nothing." What a concept! :)

robin andrea said...

Thanks for posting it, rain. Really, "what if..."

Bumps Stump said...

Rain . . . I just read your longer blog on climate change and believe it or not I don't disagree or agree either. Most every thinking person is or should be concerned about how and how much humanity actually contributes to harming our environment. The common sense reaction is for all of our planet's inhabitants to improve where we live, not tear it down. If we can get everyone thinking about it, perhaps we can collectively improve our life experience.

On another matter, not political or environmental, there are times when your comments disturb me a little. You seem so convinced and hard rock set on some very interesting but controversial opinions. I sometimes exhibit the same characteristic. When I do, I try to back off slightly to leave a little room for another opinion or disagreement.

Does it ever occur to you that you can almost never be 100% right or wrong? There are, as they say, many shades of grey.

It looks like global warming MAY be happening in some areas of the globe, and global cooling MAY be happening in other areas. It is certainly possible that these differences off set each other. It is also possible that they do not. And it is probable that human beings really can't change the climate one way or another. It is also possible that we can.

Now, today, the whole matter has become influenced by money. Somebody said our climate footprint is harming the planet and we must spend the treasury to correct the problem. Okay. Just where is the proof? The answer is that there is no proof.

Until there is scientific proof of these environmental concerns perhaps we should follow common sense enviromentally friendly rules. Perhaps that is a more intelligent way to approach the overall problem . . . if there really is one.


Rain said...

I agree, Dixon and do know that I can be wrong; and when I know I am, I admit it. I am strong willed, have definite opinions, but when presented with hard evidence, I can change my mind.

The problem, as i see it, with the global climate change debate is that we don't get a lot of hard research without an ax to grind. Most universities have to get grants and often those come from institutions of some sort which want to have certain facts proven. We see this in medicine as well as environment.

Given our economic situation where the lobbyists have all the money and government is in big trouble financially, i don't see it changing soon either :(

I have a blog coming soon on my own changing thinking regarding politics and my positions. I am though letting it ruminate (cattle terminology) for awhile before I start writing. Some is because of things I am hearing from events like the recent CPAC meetings. *taking deep breaths ohhhhmmmmmmm* Actually oooohhhhhmmmm doesn't work for me but deep breaths do.

Annotated Margins said...

The cartoon reminds me of a video series on Youtube, "What have we got to lose?" Same idea, let's say we fix up stuff and find more efficient and clean ways of doing stuff, but we were wrong all along?