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Monday, January 04, 2010

Setting a new course

I am hereby announcing I am joining the cult of the politically uninformed and doing it to make my new year better than my old one. Because I cannot currently vote on anything that is up for debate and because I am sick of arguing politics here where it never goes anywhere, this blog is temporarily (at the least) going to be a politics free zone.

Because I don't want anyone thinking I am doing this because of giving up on Obama. I am not. I admit being irked with him, but he was elected to do a LOT of what he has done. We, who supported him, might want more, but he's not through yet. Possibly he's trying to make those changes gradually so the change comes without catastrophic results.

Seven or eight years ago, a structural masseuse told me that she could realign my back in 12 sessions. She said I had one shoulder and hip higher than the other and it was causing me bodily grief which would get worse. She gave me a massage that left one of my shoulders hurting for a year (or more) afterward (I should have said it hurt sooner).

I opted to skip her suggested schedule of massages, but later asked my chiropractor what he thought. He said he felt that trying to do it that way would end up causing a lot of spinal and muscle problems that weren't worth it especially given my age. I do try to do stretches, to be more aware of how I stand and sit. I haven't given up on improving my spinal alignment, but her instant adjustment felt like it'd do more damage than good!

Although I don't know and am waiting to see, personally I think that's how it could be with Obama. He has a plan, which he discussed during the campaign. He was elected by a majority of Americans in 2008 to carry it out, but he's not one to tear the system apart doing it. Yes, he has disappointed me on different issues, but his term in office is not yet over. We'll see if he's the steady as we go type or a jackrabbit who bounds all over the place. Did he deceive us or did we elect him to use his best judgment on getting us where we want to go and it's where he's heading? Did that have to be instantly? I am reserving judgment. If Americans disagree with the current direction, they can take care of that at the polls this fall and in 2012.

Whatever the case, right now I cannot impact what he does, and I am tired of writing about it or even thinking about it. If you already agreed with me before you read a particular political blog, what I wrote only made you mad; and if you didn't, you weren't convinced. You have many places you can read to tell you how right you are. It's getting me nowhere and as far as I can see not helping anybody else.

If I say this or that, the other side either ignores it or brings up something else which is exactly what they say I also do. SO rather than get myself bent out of shape about that which I cannot change, I am going to quit reading political blogs (left or right) and to be consistent, my blog will no longer delve into politics.

I will write about cultural issues but more from a standpoint that avoids one party or another and sticks to ideas (got a few in mind on the subject of the illusions). Readers can decide for themselves what political party thinks which way or would do something about any of these problems. Mostly though I hope to write about improving a life-- starting with my own.

One idea I had was to put out questions that I am working on but where I don't have the answers. Those might end up week-long blogs with hopefully readers taking part in coming up with their thoughts on these issues. It could lead to helpful discussions. Some of those might involve spiritual questions as that is of much interest to me right now.

Anyway hope I don't lose readers over this; but if so, I have to do it for my mental and emotional health. I will still check in on right wing blog friends, but when their topics are political, I'll come back another day to read.

As part of this I am also planning to quit watching television news from any network. This is an addiction that will be hard to give up. I will read a few newspapers but not when they get political. For now I need a break; and as part of my new year and my hope to bring big changes for myself into being, this is one of my ways.

Next blog will be on that new path.

Photos are from our drive home after a totally delightful three nights in Central Oregon with kids and grandkids in a house we rented together. It was a time full of hugs, much laughter, great meals. good wine, ice skating (for the skaters), cousin (12 to 2 year olds) play, cooperation, great conversations, and snow. It was a rich time with the young and old (us handling the old end). Boy does that help a person get aligned on what really matters, and it's that next generation. We make more of a difference in that by being sure our own lives are all they can be. That's my goal for this year-- one of them anyway.

The above photo is from southeast of Sisters looking toward the Three Sisters. The others are along the Metolius River. Rivers and mountains make good examples of how we get things changed-- bit by bit.

The Cascade Mountains are volcanic. There is debate about how active the Sisters are as some of the land around them seems to be inching up; however, most volcanoes in the Cascades are either dead or dormant.

This region is an ever changing, invigorating environment, and I recommend it to anybody wanting a gentle realignment. Nature is such a great healer.


Paul said...

The Cascade Mountains are a good subject to discuss Rain...:-) i well recall going over Stevens Pass in Washington for the first time in the 1980s...

Parapluie said...

Happy New Year! And I can say I am in total agreement with al you said here. You have done an excellent job on polits during the elections and first quarter of the Obama Presidency. Onward to topics like fractils? Yes!

robin andrea said...

I can say from experience that letting go of the daily (minute by minute) pulse of politics in our country does a world of good. It's really a never-ending drama anyway, so you can dip in and get a crazed dose whenever you want. I love your new direction for the new year, and look forward to the new alignment!

Dion said...

I look forward to your spiritual postings, Rain.

Annotated Margins said...

I once worked on political campaigns for several candidates in Colorado. I was big into politics. I stopped watching television twenty years ago, and only delve into politics when it directly affects the "now" of my family and me (like the healthcare issue being big right when my wife broke her arm). Getting away from politics did me a world of good, increased my spiritual pursuits. As soon as I get over the personal issue of "me," my blog will go back to being about what people do as normal people... and what Chihuahuas do as normal people, too!

I'm looking forward to your new Rainy Day Thoughts.

Kay Dennison said...

I understand. I've been burnt out on politics myself of late and I applaud and respect your choices.

I look forward to your posts on spirituality. It's an area that holds great interest for me, too!

I'm so glad you had such a great holiday!!!

Rita said...

Not a bad idea Rain. I love the pics you post. I'd send you pictures of Indiana, but they would all be the same, flat, boring, no ocean, no mountains.

Although my Italy trip last year produced some amazing photos.

Alan G said...

Some great photos there Rain!

As to the subject of your post, it is your blog and whatever you choose to write about is and should be your choice. I'm sure that what ever subjects you choose to write about will be as interesting and thought provoking as always.

Anonymous said...

I understand your desire for a change in your blog's direction. I haven't tuned in the news much lately either, but when I do, Rachel Maddow is my best source. Otherwise, bah humbug!

Rain...I'm glad to hear you're not giving up on Obama. I'm beginning to think he needs us more than ever. I have great faith in him. He doesn't deserve the dirt being thrown at him left and right, nor should we expect daily miracles!

Cheney & Co are the absolute worse. Throw in Palin and newscasters (?) like Brit Hume....omg. The alternatives out there are really something.


Paul said...

Hey Rain why not do a post on your favorite books ? That would be fun to share with us. :-)

Rain said...

I have some topics set up to go next, Paul but will consider that about the books. I have done some before on books but not recently. The book I am reading right now is The Tenderness of Wolves. It's a historic mystery set in the north woods of Canada and about the Company, a murder, and the nature of human beings. It's Stef Penney's first book and I must say very well done. A complex story from many viewpoints and not a book I can skim at any point.

We just saw Ansel Adams documentary from our netflix list. It was a PBS, American Experience biography of the famous photographer. i knew his photographs but not so much about his life. My complaint was it tended to too often zoom or move across his photos rather than show their whole composition. Fancy but not as satisfying to my curiosity as to how he set them together.

It was interesting to me that half his work was in the darkroom. I feel that way about digital photos and like the control I have without a darkroom. They don't happen all in the camera but in the computer now with making them depict what I felt when I saw the scene. That was his goal

mandt said...

You won't lose us! There is always a rich path of text here to enjoy, much wisdom, and always beautiful photos---always a pleasure and stimulating commentary.

Mary Lou said...

I keep coming back because you say so succinctly that which I cannot!

I try not to get too political because I have enough stress in my life, and I aim my energy on those that I can change. I do keep an ear to the ground though, and When it DOES affect me, I vote the way I need to.

I remember when you were going to quit blogging completely...I am so glad you did not!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm with you, my dear Rain...I do not watch any news shows anymore as I was doing and I too need a rest from all the Political crap that goes on. One thing I want to say about Obama and then, that will be it. To me, there was bo other choice but to try to get him elected. The alternative was completely and utterly unacceptable to me---and I think it was too the majority. Whatever he does--I don't think it can be worse that what we had or what we might have had....!

I think you are so right. Nature is very healing and it sounds like your time with family is, too!
It sounds like you all had a GREAT GREAT Time...! May your back get re-aligned slowly but surely, my dear....!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I agree with what you say in this post, Rain, although politics has never been a passion for me. You definitely won't lose me as a reader with your new focus. Happy new year.