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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A hidden key?

Are fractals (repeating geometric configurations) a hidden key to why some relationships work and some do not? Perhaps they can show when our body is succumbing to disease? Do fractals explain how Eastern medicine works as a preventative to disease or even a cure as it realigns those patterns? Are they why prayer can heal without looking toward a divine hand in it? Can they be used to find a greater understanding of how biological life works?

You can find online many examples of fractals. The one above belongs to Farm Boss and is on the back of our utility room door. It is called a [Mandelbrot set].

We recently watched the NOVA documentary: [Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension] which I had ordered from Netflix because I knew Farm Boss was into such things. I surprised myself by finding it absolutely fascinating as I began to see other applications for fractals. The program explained, for those of us who are not scientists, what fractals are and what it looks like in the body for instance when they are ordered and then screwed up (not a scientific term but says it well). It is possible that someday they will be a way to find disease and maybe even treat it.

The idea that prayer, faith healing or reiki might treat or help treat disease has often seemed a mystery but what if it has a biological reason? It may be very physical if we consider the make-up of the physical world which is of repeating geometric patterns that are consistent and ordered-- until they are not. Perhaps we can do much to restore that alignment if we catch the onset of disease before there are symptoms and we must resort to surgery or prescriptions. If we can recognize this misalignment before we get sick, wouldn't that be the most effective palliative.

Maybe taking this into account, we can see how music helps to restore balance. If we think this way, we will realign before we get sick-- or better yet, stay in alignment all along.

I think it goes beyond medicine though to relationships. Is this why some people turn us off and others draw us to them? Repeating patterns that we can recognize and utilize could help us to order our lives and even our cultures. Too much, you think? Maybe not.


Paul said...

Whereever you go there you are Rain...:-)

Rain Trueax said...

Using that as a basis, we should go nowhere or are free to travel anywhere? lol

bernie said...

I was composing a comment which disappeared when I was in preview. Perhaps we can chat later on the topic, the coincidence that several thoughts have surfaced within the past few days and that the way they are interrelated. Fractals and are we living in a hologram.

Dion said...

I've been using reiki on myself to relieve neck and shoulder pain for a few months now. Not that I've taken a reike class and earned certification that says I'm on such and such a level. I use my own deep thought to harness some chi and direct it to the sore parts. I've known about reike for many years but only started to try in out for my pain in October '09. The neck and shoulder pain and stiffness that in the past came on every six weeks or so has been absent ever since I started to meditate instead of medicate. Now that I've said this publicly, I suppose the pain will come back with a fury.

Rain Trueax said...

That would be good to do, Bernie. I enjoy our conversations that delve deeply into ideas.

Dion, I took to second level reiki and quit there because you had to dedicate yourself to reiki to go to third (as I was taught) and I wasn't going to do that. One thing I was taught was that if you had ever had reiki, in any lifetime, you have it today. It might be why there are so-called natural healers. (Of course, you have to believe in lifetimes to think that could be).

If it's working for you and especially if you can feel the heat in your hands as you hold them above the area you want healed, then it seems to me that is reiki. It's not religious but a concept of energy. I have used it on others, animals, and myself and I do believe it helps.

Mike McLaren said...

I frequently discuss fractals with my older and adult music students. (In fact, a student and I have been discussing fractals this week.)

To me, the music (rhythm) inherent in a pattern is obvious. The patterns take care of themselves, eventually ending where they began, continually repeating. Music is just repetition of pattern, and once a student gets themselves out of the way and allows the pattern to lead them, the student always thanks me, and then walks off into the sunrise to make music.

I remember the first time I became acquainted with the Mandelbrot set. Lights went on, lots of mental balloons and confetti, and I danced around my studio.

Fractals often come to mind when I garden. I've often considered that this thing we call thinking is nothing more than an infinite, infinitely dimensional fractal. We just keep interrupting the patterns, instead of allowing them to lead us.

robin andrea said...

I have to admit I haven't delved at all into fractals, but Roger has and he has been quite inspired by it. I'll check out that link to the Mandelbrot set and see if it makes any sense to me!

Paul said...

Be here now ! LOL

Rain Trueax said...

If everyone stayed only where they were now, the world would not grow in different ways and neither would we. You can be in the moment and still looking beyond where you are to where you will be or want to be-- unless you regard ambition as bad.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

My friend Elaine at Five Acres With a View has a gallery of fractals on her website you might enjoy: The fractals are a link in the right sidebar.

What made Farm Boss choose that particular fractal?

Anonymous said...
This a good interactive explorer for complex math. The picture on the back of the door was a piece of a large format graphics printer test sheet that I liked the colors and patterns on. It has faded over the last 10 years near the window. But still warps the mind looking into it.
Farm Boss