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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mountains, rocks and sky

Southern Nevada's

endless expanses of

mountains and sagebrush

rocks, sand and sky

and then... there's Vegas, a place I go through and stay as little time as possible. Yes, there are good shows, entertainment, gambling, swimming pools, but there are also a lot of people. For a country gal, where there are crowds is not high on my list of wanta spend time places.

(All photos are along 95 in Nevada. Because of the time of day and a series of storms, the sky was the best I have seen along that stretch of highway. The late afternoon sun was tinging everything with intense colors, and we were driving between two sets of storms with mostly dry pavement.

The last one is the result of darkness, holding a small, digital Pentax, shooting through the window with Vegas lights in the distance. The effect was not deliberate; but I thought it said a lot about my physical, mental and emotional attitude as I had no idea where we'd find a place to stay overnight that was preferably a long way from the casinos and glitz.)


Dick said...

Vegas is a fun place to visit for a few days. It always amazes me how quickly you tend to loose track of the value of money while there. I really like Laughlin or Reno better.

Mary Lou said...

you did not drive all the way through Nevada on 95? Didnt miss much! just more mountains, and sagebrush. I lived in Fallon for 3 years, I was so glad to finally see TREES! You got the mountains done well though. What is really fun in going ACROSS Nevad, from W-E up a montain range, down a mtn rang, up another one, down another one....forever!!!

Rain said...

I have driven it all the way, Mary Lou and come in many directions but this time it was down from Klamath Falls, through Alturas, Reno, Fallon and then south.

Allan Erickson said...

There is a special beauty to the desert... and I've found folks either love it, or don't.

While living outside Adel (north and on theeasy side of Crump Lake) I remember one day a trucker stopped in Adel at the store and as I was heading to my pick up asked me where he was. He thought he was between Hell and Nowhere. Yet I think Hwy 140 is one of the most beautiful drives there is...

Great desert pics Rain, I especially like the first 2.

joared said...

Really spectacular photos to me since I love this western scenery. The effects of surrounding storms really results in a heightened sensory experience I think, as you describe.

Reminded me of a drive we made many years ago on a lesser traveled road from No. Calif. into So. Cal. Suddenly as we came up over a mountain stretch before us were three rainbows, simultaneously over, around, in front of us, then behind us -- the vision of falling rain way off in the distance -- a once in a lifetime experience that lasted for quite a few miles.

I surely agree with you about Vegas -- a little goes a long way in the scheme of life. Helps to go there if a person's never been, then they'll know what they aren't missing.