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Monday, January 14, 2008

Unexpected Gifts

In December, I had two good friends who went on a tour of Thailand (and nearby countries). They came back very high on the experience and then surprised me by each mailing me a gift they had selected for me while there. How cool is that!

Each gift is something I like but even better is seeing how they had been chosen based on knowing me.

The first one to come in the mail was a small wooden frame that looks like a painting on a wooden box; but when you open it, it's a frame where you can put a photo or piece of art inside. For my first picture in the frame, I selected a card that this lady had given me the Christmas before, which I had kept above my desk, of an angel.

The next gift to arrive was a lovely sarong. I love the colors (totally my kind) and fine embroidery work (photo above and detail of the embroidery below).

The Thai people are obviously talented artists and craftsmen; but even more than that, I am fortunate to have two such considerate and caring friends to share their trip with me in such a personal way.


robin andrea said...

Such wonderful gifts from Thailand. Your friends know you very well.

Ingineer66 said...

That is very cool for you friends to think of you and to get such neat gifts that you enjoy.

Sandy said...

Rain, they are both beautiful gifts. The art of giving or Random Acts of kindness are truly some of the gifts that we most treasure!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Yes, both are very thoughtful gifts that suit your personality. And you look great in your sarong!

Anonymous said...

Rain, although I'm a fairly regular reader of your blog, which is always wonderful food for though, I seldom comment. Mostly because there's too much to say and too difficult for me to put into a couple of sentences. :-) Anyway, now I just have to congratulate on your gifts, your wonderful friends, on your beauty and your beautiful living room!!! I think that's exactly what friendship is about: caring and thinking about each other, sharing our lives with each other.

Paul said...

Lovely gifts and one beautiful woman-you Rain !!!

Anonymous said...

How nice to be remembered in such a special way. The frame is so unusual and I love the sarong. It's truly you!