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Saturday, June 11, 2016

when it doesn't find readers

Seeing a new book finally published isn't all the rah rah happy days wow feeling that some might imagine. If you are a writer you know the first thought is will it be seen by the likely readers? Even top tier writers, where readers eagerly await their next offering, have to deal with reviews where someone says-- not as good as the last. Bringing out a book is a mix of satisfying and nerve-wracking times.

I have to say I pretty well guessed that Enchantress' Secret would have a hard time finding its readers. My belief went back to when I first knew I wanted to set a series of contemporaries in Barrio Viejo. While many contemporaries sell quite well, mine have always lagged way behind the historicals.  

If that wasn't enough, add to it these were going to be metaphysical/paranormal/fantasy. I had written two fantasy novels (one of which is available as an option as three novellas-- minus the sex), and they have had a hard time finding readers. I think it's because they don't quite fit the genre. Being out of the box for my books has been a bit of a problem all along. Not as a writer but for finding a niche where they fit and readers who would like them can find them.

Some writers write for the market, which means they see what sells and aim for it. I do happen to know where the market is-- both in the fantasy and the historical genres. I just don't have stories that fit it and don't want to copy what others have done.

I write for the muse. It's been my guiding influence since I first began writing, a long time before I aimed at getting my books published. I am sure there are some fortunate writers where the muse hits the market. Muses are not dictated to by it. So my belief is-- Ignore the muse and it ignores you. A corollary to that is-- you can't complain when a book doesn't suit readers when you didn't put their desires first.

The few readers who have found the book have enjoyed it. I got a fantastic review right away from one of those I'd given a copy before it came out. 
Congratulations to the author for a terrific job in writing one of the most enticing books I’ve read. This genre is new to me and I found every page kept me reading. Have you ever grumbled because you have to put a book down to go to work; well, that was me. It has mystery, heroism, strength of character and written with heart. I can say without a doubt that the subject matter reached right into my mind and would not let go until I finished the book. It is paranormal with witches, a little mystical and focus on what is, what may be and what could be. There are extremely strong women, in one family, working together to solve crimes that appear to be out of the norm with strengths that cannot be understood by the Police. When Denali, the beautiful blonde woman, meets the handsome powerful ex-SEAL, Nick, you have a storyline filled with mystery, excitement, adventure and then there is romance. There is a true respect between the characters in this book as they work together to solve murders and mayhem.

Without a doubt, this story will long remain in my mind and I loved it. Writing like this takes tremendous research, thought and the ability to truly develop a character; this author managed it all. I felt honored to get an early copy. You won’t be sorry; add this to your library. 
A review like that is so uplifting to a writer. Then, I got a second equally encouraging.
Wow! This newest series by a favorite author has changed my mind about curling up to read about witches, witchcraft, demons and mystical happenings. I was pulled into the book immediately with the suspense of the first chapter and I got so involved, I kept reading far into the night. I love the characters of Denali and Nick along with all the secondary characters. Very well written, the story kept moving along as murders were committed, mysteries abounded and a beautiful romance developed, as witchcraft was woven throughout this enticing story. I've become so involved with the characters and I'm looking forward to the next one in the series. Very well done to the Author! Sexual content.
So, I am onto writing the next one-- getting together a timeline and learning more about these characters. The hero is quite interesting-- at least to me *s*. I like Elke, the heroine. She's got determination-- the second oldest sister, maybe a little pushy, and a witch with her own skills. It will delve more into the problems of those who are different from others. When you go against the stream, you can expect some difficulties. Book 2 is titled To Speak of Things Unseen. And that's its underlying theme. 

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