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Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Enchantress' Secret-- Hemstreet Witches Book 1

First book in a new series is an interesting challenge-- part of the reason for doing it. Some writers find their niche, and they stick with whatever that might be. I like varying what I write-- much as I enjoy varying what I read. My idea when I first knew I'd be basing a series in Barrio Viejo was that it'd be urban fantasy. I've written previously why that didn't work out: my story has too much romance, not enough fantasy beings.

My idea of from where power comes is two places-- inherent, from birth, or outside and given to the person. Harry Potter books blend that a bit as some were born with the ability to use power, but objects make it happen. So they don't just fly through the air or dematerialize, they use broomsticks, invisibility cloaks, or objects. A wand throws out energy, but it only works for the master meant to hold it. 

Each fantasy series has to create a world of rules that are consistent within it. My series with the Hemstreet Witches, does that but more or less within what I consider possibly the normal constraints of this life on earth-- not for most of us but for some. The Hemstreet world is consistent with my earlier paranormal romances-- Sky Daughter and Diablo Canyon (the latter made up of three trilogies also available without the sex-- When Fates Conspire, The Dark of the Moon, and Storm in the Canyon).

Those books and my new series are populated with demons, spirit guides, witches, sorcerers, druids, shamans, shapeshifters, and the occasional monster-- all if which defy the logical mind but have long been around in human lore. If you don't believe someone can dematerialize one place and end up another, try reading certain Bible stories or the writings of Eastern mystics. In my stories, there are animals that form special bonds with humans which involve being able to talk to each other. There are the elementals, wards, potions, and vortexes. There are no vampires, zombies or werewolves (with the understanding that shifting into a wolf does not make one a werewolf).

So June 4th comes the first-- The Enchantress' Secret. It shares one spirit guide with Diablo Canyon and comes out of the ancestry in the Arizona historicals. From where came the magic in the Cordova and Hemstreet families? Some of that will be answered in Book 1. Some will take awhile, but each romance will have one complete love story with no cliffhangers, which means one can be read and no more. As was the case with Diablo Canyon, the underlying theme will last through all the stories for a final reckoning in the last one

I'll let readers here in on a secret of my own-- it's fun writing a paranormal book where I can create a real world permeated by the magical where most people go about their daily lives with no clue. On the other hand, maybe I just am writing about what actually is but most of us don't want to see.

Blurb for The Enchantress' Secret:

Denali Hemstreet, a witch, born into a family of shamans and witches, sees what happened earlier by the energies embedded in the surroundings.  As a detective in the family agency, she uses her skills, both natural and developed to solve crimes. 

Ex-seal, Nick Beringer paints with an intensity few can match, including images he does not understand. When he is accused of murder, he will soon find out there is much in the world he had no idea existed.

An idealistic witch and a hardened soldier find their mutual attraction urges them to overcome their differences to join forces, when another realm thrusts past their boundaries and challenges their lives. 

Mystical, thoughtful, passionate and maybe possible. The Enchantress’s Secret will keep readers entertained and questioning what they really see.

Book 1 of the Hemstreet Witches is set in Barrio Viejo, Tucson Arizona, a piece of the old Presidio.  The Hemstreet family has a long lineage of shamanism, naturalistic witchcraft, and old world wizardry. Working from a detective agency, bookstores, and a boutique, the witches watch the street and keep the order of the ‘old ways’.  61,000 words-- intended for adults with some spice & violence.

The Enchantress' Secret at-- Amazon for Kindle

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joared said...

This looks like an intriguing story and very well constructed. Expect readers won't be disappointed.