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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday and more changes of plans

Today is Ranch Boss' birthday. The original plan (did I mention my plans are always being changed) was for us to be on the Metolius River with the travel trailer. Not happening as this is the same week it's perfect for hay to be cut. We buy our winter's supply of hay, but that means picking up round 800 pound or so bales from the field, and getting them into our barn. Picking them up requires a loader to be left in the field when Ranch Boss drives in with his truck pulling the hay trailer and puts them on it and then chains them safely to drive home. None of this involves me, but it does mean we aren't leaving until the job is done and then comes the Fourth of July, not a great day to be camping if you didn't get campsite reservations months back. 

I am, of course, still engrossed in getting the rough draft down for the new book, the one readers don't yet want, but I am convinced someday they will like this series of magic and reality... Writers have to be optimists, on some level anyway, or they'd not put into the work all that they do. Although some writers have a pretty good idea their books will immediately find readers, the majority probably, never have such a guarantee. Writers write because it's who they are.

 photo taken by wildlife cam this winter when he was still acting very feral

We have a possible addition to our cat family but not the one I expected. I wanted a female cat eventually as they tend to cause less fights and stress to the existing family. But outdoors, this winter, we have had two cats who likely were dumped out here. One is an orange tomcat. We began trying to get him friendlier to us by feeding and talking to him. Well, it's now to the point of getting him to the vet to have him neutered. My concern in terms of him becoming a house cat is that he sprays outside. Can we get him in and not have that?

Well, first things first and that means neutering. The other cat, a younger black male also, is less responsive to us. When people dump a member of their pet family, cats are very scared of others at first. Food helps to lessen that fear but it takes time. Whether we can bring two males into our two cat family and not have chaos is another question. Again-- first things first. Neutering is essential for them to have any chance at all for a good life.

For those who have cats they no longer want, for heaven's sake, don't just dump them out in the country. That is the cruelest thing. Don't get a pet if you don't know you can keep it. In my part of Oregon, we see a lot of college students getting one for the year and leaving them behind when they head out of town for the summer. That makes me think only one thing-- grrrrrrrr, these are the future leaders of our country

You are not a nice person, no matter what you want to think, if you dump your pets! There are no valid excuses. These animals come to trust us. Some of them never should.


Tara Crowley said...

Absolutely agree with you on the pets saying . What kind of heartless bastard does such a thing? Good luck in getting your fellas taking care off because you're absolutely right they must be neutered in order to have a healthy life. Good on you for putting in the effort .

Annie said...

I had a neutered male cat who for many years didn't spray, and then all of a sudden did. I think because we moved to a neighbourhood with lots of rival cats. When he started spraying it was inside and out. Good luck with that, I think luck is the key factor.

Rain Trueax said...

He sprays outside now; so it's a concern. He has been getting in by climbing into the fenced cat yard and then coming in through their cat door. He doesn't stay long, just explores and then leaves. So far the spraying is all outside. Someone told me that it's insecurity and if he gets more secure (our two cats aren't fighting with him) it may lessen... I hope.