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Fantasy, the painting by Diane Widler Wenzel, cropped a little to fit the needs of a banner.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always a favorite time of mine to stop and think about where my life is heading as well as where it's been. For me, that week is normally a quiet time although this year (and for that matter last) not so much. This year, not only did we have a nice trip with friends, but our plumbing has picked the end of December to act up. That took days of figuring out what went wrong as well as a lot of muscle and trips to town for this or that. Call a plumber? No way... I'll let you guess who said which of those statements.

Back to more positive thinking. This has always seemed a good time to think what I want to experience in the year ahead. I also ask myself if I made progress on my previous goals. It's a time to focus on what needs changing and whether previous goals are still active.

For years I used to write goal statements, with steps that might prove helpful, but it's not a rigid thing and in the last couple years, I have not written down anything although I always think about it. One thing I love about life is that no matter what I planned, there are always things that pop up that were unexpected. One thing I hate about life is there are...

2012 will be an interesting year if for no other reason than the people in my country will be choosing the direction they want the nation to go. Do they dislike helping others? They can change that and help... well only the rich anyway. Do they want to dictate other people's moral choices? They can do that based on their own religious views. Do they want wars around the world? Well they may not be able to stop that given both parties lately end up warlike no matter what they say, but one party will give them more wars as they believe in more of the empire concept which they prefer to not call colonizing but instead 'utilizing'. It sounds nicer.

Well there might be one who would get us out of wars overseas. Vote for Ron Paul (who also as a libertarian would dictate his own religious values into laws) and he says he'll end any overseas involvement. A step too far some would believe. He won't be the Republican nominee but might he run a third party race? He says not but who knows. I would naturally be happy if he did as I made my choice for who I'll be supporting for president right after I saw who the other side could possibly run given the make-up of their party at this point.

Anyway I could go on with what the country will be deciding about its direction where no matter who wins, the other side will feel no way, not possible, must have cheated to get that result and start talking revolution. At least that's been how it's been most recently; and maybe it's just human nature, and the first tribe with the first members, who chose a leader, perhaps grumbled later how it was fixed in whatever limited language they had.

For some 2012 will mean the possible end of the earth as we know it (some will think that in the US after the November election also) because the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, and everybody knows how prescient the Mayans were about future events. They did so well with maintaining their own culture against conquest.

For me, I don't concern myself so much with any of that as to think what I want 2012 to hold on a personal level. 2011 was pretty good to me. There were lots of quality family gatherings. I spent time in some wonderful places, saw some beautiful things. Creativity was active and going well in my life with my bigger issue being which things to pursue not whether there is anything. My kids and grandkids are growing and doing well. I feel like even with some personal black holes, overall I focused in on what I wanted in 2011.

That does not mean, where it comes to those areas where I have control, that all is as I want it to be. I hope I never get to where I think I have it all together. I can feel satisfied and still have dreams and goals for something new. I think I am the kind of person who will always have hopes for what I might change or make better in the future. I like knowing change is possible even if I don't change a thing.

Actually it has surprised me how life is at 68. I expected it to be more limited, with me more set in my ways. Although I do believe I could change things now, if I was willing to pay the prices for doing so, I expect that to not be so true with the coming years as aging necessarily does narrow down our options. In my case, however, much of what being 68 would have already narrowed, I didn't/don't want. By this age, I know myself and what means the most to me. I believe that where I am locked in, I made and am making that choice based on other considerations.

In 2010 I had gotten into doing snow digital images. I found a piece of music for a slide show illustrating the feeling I have about the nostalgia I often feel around now. I don't think I could say it better this year; so here it is again as a mix of dreams and reality, the things that still swirl around in my head.


After I had written this blog, I was skimming around in the blog world and came across some suggestions for ways to evaluate our last year and the one to come. It was from the woman who created the Tarot cards I bought this fall. Check out her ideas [Gaian Soul].

Kind of an interesting thing happened as I was reading her blog. She said when she does such an end of year evaluation, she considers the Three of Air to be the right card for the process. I read in the comments that one of the women had drawn that card before she came to read the blog that day.

So, of course, I couldn't resist giving it a try myself. Shuffle, cut, deal one card-- Three of Air. I just looked at it with surprise. I cannot explain why it would come up that way out of 78 cards, but I never have totally gotten how Tarot can work. Coincidence some would say. Okay but what are the odds? If you want to know what the Three of Air means, and how appropriate it is for looking at one's year or toward a future set of goals, check out her link.


Dion said...

Happy New Year, Rain. Thank you for the wonderful dialog. Peace and love to you and yours.

Kay Dennison said...

I love the slide show!!! Your art just keeps getting better and better!!!!

Happy New Year, my dear frend!!!!

la peregrina said...

Happy New Year, Rain, and thanks for the slide show. I like your style.

(Pulling the Three of Air card- I don't think there are coincidences in life. I think it is the universe letting us know we are not as alone as we sometimes feel.)

joared said...

Happy New Year! Will be interesting to see how 2012 evolves.

Ingineer66 said...

Happy New Rain. 2012 should be entertaining if nothing else.

Tabor said...

Happy New Year dear blogger. Tarot or astrology or weegie boards...they are all the same to me. When one asks what is behind the reveals...then one has to ask why is it such a puzzle?

Rain Trueax said...

I think it's a puzzle because it's not biology. When we have things we can measure, we don't have to ask why. But things like how this earth began, even with the physical evidence, we cannot answer all the questions.

I have never done Ouija partly because I am leery of the results I have heard from others. Assuming you believe in something on the other side, the question would have to be who or what is moving that thing around? That might be the same question one could ask about the Tarot cards and I do. Obviously if a person believed in a Satan, that would be one possible answer.

The cards had an appeal to me because of the art aspect, the story aspect, but also my interest in exploring what I don't know. When something happens like this card turning up, the perfect card for evaluating a life in terms of the questions it asks, that I cannot explain. It doesn't bother me though to now know. I don't know a lot about this earth. I do believe there is more to it than we can measure ;)

Paul said...

Happy New Year Rain...Peace, Prosperity and Charity to one and all...

Taradharma said...

Happy New Year, Rain! Your take on what it feels like to be 68 is pretty much my take on what I feel like as I age. At 54, I feel, in many ways, I am still 18. In the good ways. And like you, I appreciate the self-knowledge that comes with the passing years.

Thank you for your blog, and for sharing yourself with your readers. You enrich the world.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Thanks, Rain. I know what you mean about personal black holes. God knows, I have those but I just keep saying I'm willing to change, if need be. I need to listen more and try not to control what I can't. I know we are both take charge people so sometimes that is so hard.

And Auld Lang Syne to you. Excellent year end post.

joared said...

I had a Ouija Board as a young girl and we had lots of fun with it -- never took it too seriously so not scary to me even as an adult -- which is how I tend to look at many non-scientific modes of analysis and prediction. That's not to discount some basis for intuition or "gut-feeling" but may not be as mysterious as we think. I'm interested in the Native American Indian beliefs which Tony Hillerman integrated in his stories.