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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Desert Inferno

When we got the first book up on Kindle, I told readers here I'd let them know how to find it. There was a lot of work involved with learning how to do this digital book thing and it was all done by Farm Boss-- sometimes with great frustration. This morning, he figured out the last glitch and tonight we got notice the first one had been published.

There will be more following in varying rates. If you are interested in taking a look at this first one, check in with either Romance with an Edge (a banner alongside here), which is also about the writing process or in the blog that I created for Rain Trueax as a place for readers to find the books as they arrive without turning this site into a big advertisement, which as I have said, I really didn't want to do.

I actually had a blog set but now will put that off until the 15th on a recent dream of  mine about energy. I would say this whole process of getting these stories ready has been both about bringing and using energy.

The process has been stimulating enough for me, as I spent six months editing them, that I began a new one. I am really enjoying the writing knowing that I have a way to get the books out with my own covers and stories as I want them to be seen.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW!! What a fantastic undertaking, Rain..! I don't have a Kindle or any other device like that---I'm STILL back in the days of a-book-in-my-hands reading...! But IF I should ever move into the Digital Era I would LOVE to read what you have written....!
CONGRATULATIONS on getting this to THIS Point, my dear...! (Thank You Farm Boss....!)

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you. I see this as having several aspects. One is that if this system can really be used and people work with it, genres die out. One of the reasons my books got rejected from publishers (this one, a labor of particular love for me, never was sent out to a publisher) was they didn't suit the needs of the genre. The publishers decided what fit that genre and only rarely did an unusual author break past that. Of course, without their hand on defining genres, readers have a harder time finding books to suit their needs. Maybe some will take more risks in trying new things since it's inexpensive to do so.

In writing about this all here (and in Romance with an Edge) my hope is it will encourage others to not only write their own stories but recognize they can get them to a place where someone else has the option of reading their work. There is no middle man. It's a wide open market in that sense, like the Old West with all the risks that entails.

After reading a lot of reviews of other books, seeing how vicious people can be (in blogs sometimes too), I see risks for the writer putting out such as you better not have tender feelings. But if writers can get past that, work to turn out a professional product, it really is an opportunity but not one without emotional cost as nobody likes putting out what they did and facing possible ridicule which demeans the work-- and that can come from trolls who never even read it. That's the risks of doing anything creative though as you well know, Naomi.

So there are nine more contemporaries which will come out about one a month as they are all ready to go but I see an advantage in staggering their arrivals; and then I have to decide whether I do the same with the historicals...

robin andrea said...

How incredibly exciting, rain. I think it's a fantastic thing that you are publishing online. Congratulations. I don't have a kindle, but if I did I'd surely take a look at your book.

Mike McLaren said...

That is simply awesome. Congratulations!

I'm still trying to get the Kindle and Nook things to work on my Mac without skewing the text or truncating the files. So far I've got the ePub and PDB readers working just fine, but I get my books from about ten different sources, and it seems they all use a reader different from everybody else!

Celia said...

Congratulations Rain, so exciting to have your book out. I saw it on Amazon. I wish you every success.

Dick said...

I just bought it on Amazon and will read it when I finish the book I am now reading. I'll give a review on Amazon after reading it and it will likely be favorable although I am not a big fan of the Romance genre. But from the description on Amazon it sounds like a cross over to mystery also. It is within my price range of under $5 for an ebook.

Taradharma said...

Congratulations! I have a Kindle and I will purchase it. How very exciting.

Dick said...

Rain has been a blog buddy of mine for about six years and I've enjoyed reading her writings there. I knew that she has written some novels and when I heard that they were publishing one on for the Kindle I decided to buy & read it, even though I am not really a fan of the Romance type book. So I bought it, I think the day it was released into the wild on Amazon, possibly the first purchase.

"Desert Inferno" is not what I thought a Romance book would be like. Apparently there are different styles of them, which does make sense. I can't really call it a mystery as you know who the bad guy is early on but it is a great story to read about the characters involved and how they relate to each other. They are interesting, believable people and it is fun to read about how their relationships develop. And there is plenty of action all through the story.

She has said there will be another released before too much longer and I look forward to getting and reading it as soon as it is out.

Brian said...

Belated congratulations. I like your price: under $3 for a book is terrific, the same as Trader Joe's wine! (Buy your book and a bottle of wine, and you've got a complete evening.)

I don't have a Kindle yet. Returned a Kindle Fire after I found I didn't like it. But the day will come when I read some e-books.

I've been selling my own book in both formats for a while, and the amount I get from Kindle sales is about the same as from print sales, even though I charge half as much for the Kindle version. It looks like e-books are a rapidly growing wave of the future.