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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Drive

After too many long hours of driving straight across Arizona, up through the middle of California and Oregon, we are back at the farm. I figured it out that it takes (with reasonable driving conditions) 26 hours of driving to get back here from Tucson when driving through California. The older I get, the harder that seems. We had a lot of wind one day, a lot of boring many days, some heavy traffic where you have to watch every second for what some idiot (and that you don't become the idiot) might do. We did it in two long days and a short one this morning.

The time in Tucson was too short but how it had to be given we had obligations here. Not the least of which is a sweet one this week-end at the beach where we meet up with our kids and grandkids for some family time compliments of one of our grandson's wishes. Even though it means getting back in a car, we are happy to get that family time; but boy am I sick of roads.

The Tucson time was successful in that we got the things repainted and repaired that were needed, not all of the landscaping that I had hoped, not all of the hiking that I would have liked, but it was overall successful and what had to be done was-- plus some very good times. There will be some more photos from that next week and a few ideas that came to me on the long drive.

Although I will be gone again until Monday, I do have something set to auto post for Saturday that doesn't relate to the trip or the beach but that I have been meaning to write about.


Ingineer66 said...

That is a long drive. And the wind does not help. If you were going the other direction though it would have felt better. I kept noticing that I was going 80 because of the 40 mile an hour tail wind as I was coming south on 5 the other day.

Kay Dennison said...

Welcome home, Rain!!!!! I'm glad you had a good, safe trip!!!!

Darlene said...

I'm glad you made it home safely, Rain, even though you are exhausted. You are really dedicated to write a post after a trip like that.

I love Arizona, but the highway from Phoenix to California has to be one of the most boring ones in the U.S. I have traveled it many times and it seems endless.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is a hard trip, Rain.....I don't blame you for feeling like it is getting harder and harder....Especially with all the nutty people on the road--Some drunk, etc....I know I couldn't do a trip like that anymore....!
I hope your weekend is a lovely one with your dear family!

ainelivia said...

to live in a place where you can drive for twenty-six hours on land and still not have reached an ocean and the end of land, is I imagine a wonderful experience. Thank you for your wonderful posts on the desert and its beautiful flowers and bringing to life places where in my imagination they were just sets in westerns, places others mention, and for me would forever be associated with John Wayne.

Roger said...

I'm glad you made it home safely. That is a long journey, and some of those roads do go through heavy commute and traffic areas. That intense alertness on the road is very tiring.

Enjoy your trip with the family.

Dick said...

I did that drive once from Tucson to Mt. Vernon, WA in 4 days in my motorhome towing a car. It wasn't fun but I also needed to get home. I prefer to not go more than 200 or so miles a day but then it takes over a week to make that drive. But it is more relaxing than making a quick trip.

Paul said...

Get some rest Rain !! :-)