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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Libra Moon

What more could I ask from the April 8, 2009 full moon than that I see it while in Tucson and that it was, for its fullest moments, in my sign-- Libra? How about some scattered clouds to add to its photographic interest (also its challenge)?

Since that was all pretty good, why am I feeling so stressed? Feeling stressed during a full moon is nothing new to me although some full moons are easier than others. There are times when a full moon comes and goes and I am barely aware of them other than the nights are brighter and at home the sheep wander around a bit more. This time I have felt a lot of stress (day and night).

Statistically they say that often a full moon leads to more visits to emergency rooms. I haven't had any accidents even with hiking on the desert, but if the driving I have seen down here (if someone can do something unexpected, they will) is any example of how it is other places, this one might be no exception.

Personally stressing or not, the moon was beautiful as the clouds down here on the desert added interesting accents-- when they weren't blocking its light.

If you don't believe in planets and the moon as possible impacts to your emotions, your choices, accidents, you can still enjoy the photos; but if you do, this full moon has some interesting possible, positive energies. Looking toward what might be positive is one of my ways to try and get past the stressful other aspects when a moon impacts me like this one did *taking many deep breaths*.

"This is a great time to honor and appreciate what you value in yourself and in others. Change your focus to think of having an experience rather than doing something. Celebrate who you are rather than what you do. Practice seeing others for who they are rather than for what they do." *
"Aries and Libra
Mars and Venus
Spring and Fall
Planting and Reaping
Light and Darkness

Life and Death

Self and Other" **

*from a Stephanie St. Claire email, written by Jose, Lena, Stephanie, and Pat

** from Cathy Lynn Pagano

Be sure and check out the full moon photo from Beyond the Fields we Know and also for more names for this full moon.

For those who want more information on astrology implications regarding April's full moon go to Rainy Day Extras for complete email and Pagano's article on the Libra full moon

Finally, this is the full moon (well almost full) from this morning April 10th right before it set in the Tucson Mountains. They say it is now in Scorpio. I have no idea how they figure these things (might it be the moon is in the opposing sign to where the sun is? hmmmm). Well we are currently in Aries for the sun. Where it comes to astrology, mine is not to question why but just read and sometimes ponder...

All photos taken from our house on the desert.


Ingineer66 said...

Your photos of the moon are beautiful. I love looking at a full moon and I wish Congress would pass a law requiring 2 or 3 full moons a month :-)

Darlene said...

Rain, I had to come to your blog to see the full moon on the desert. I wasn't even aware that the moon was full now. I rarely go outside after dark so I am really out of the loop. I did take one picture of a full harvest moon, but it was taken at dusk.

Your photos are fantastic in their detail. I am especially fond of the last one with the cloud.

Dick said...

You've done a good job with those photos. What focal length lens did you use and how much enlargement via cropping? It has been cloudy in the NW since Tue so we haven't been able to see much of it from here. But over the weekend when it was almost full it sure did light up the night.

Rain said...

Dick, the answer to your question will be given by Farm Boss as he does the techie end for both of us.

Hi. I used 250mm telephoto on a 12Mpix Canon Rebel "Rain's Baby". She cropped the image 50% to resize it and reduced resolution for file size.
Windy today.. 30mph and dust. Good thing it was clear yesterday.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I like ingineer66's suggestion about 2 or 3 full moons a month. It was (and is) beautiful, but my camera just doesn't take good night time sky photos--and it's a good camera.

I used to feel a lot of anxiety at full moon times but not in my older years.

Continue having a good time for all of us in Tucson.

ugich konitari said...

Rain, All this talk about Moon in Libra and sun in..... brought back memories of my father. He would follow these things. As a community, we attach great importance to full moons and new moons, and even eclipses. They have rules like dont initiate travel on a new moon, pregnant ladies shoudnt go out during the eclipse(due to some unfavourable cosmic vibrations) etc. I found it interesting that you associate emotions/stresses with the phases of the moon.

Rain said...

I think my sensitivity to a full moon varies and sometimes they don't impact me so much. Interesting that Fran would feel they did when she was younger but not at her age right now. Could it be hormonal?

There are books on planting by the moon (my daughter has one and has experimented with it. The plants did grow better based on it-- until her cat ate some which spoiled the rest of the experiment and couldn't relate to the moon... could it?) and some swear on scheduling surgeries by the moon cycles but I don't know what would be best for any one procedure.