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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

by Diane: Unforgettable Birthday


Yesterday  contemplating my soon to be birthday, I felt sad for awhile.   I would not enjoy going to Fred Myers with Fisherman Hubby to buy Geranium and snapdragon starts.

Fortune shines on me today.  Twice the zinc impulse sprinkler doused me in the face as I attempted to blindly without directions adjust it to water my birthday gift to myself - a newly replenished lawn in an attempt to get rid of the uneven gullies sunk between shoulders and a low spot left by the removal of a tree stump two years ago.

I enjoyed the company of my youngest Granddaughter and Honorary Grandson.  They painted tiles and took them to Surefire Design so they can be fired and be ready Thursday. Two days sooner than expected. I can't wait to see how they all turn out for my kitchen.

Also enjoyed a phone call with an old family friend that never fails to inform me of stories of my great Grand Uncle.

Well I am feeling so much better than yesterday.


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