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Sunday, March 04, 2012

too little too late

As an addition to the last blog, now we have seen an apology from Limbaugh. Does anyone believe this is about anything but losing his sponsors, big sponsors?  The sponsors say they will stay off. I hope they mean it as it's the only thing that will teach him and his ilk lessons about how they treat other people.

Maureen Dowd wrote about it in her NYT column today and said she's been there, been attacked by his nasty idea of humor; and no matter how you try to insulate yourself, it's hurtful. Any woman who speaks her mind will be attacked by these kind of guys. And all that will ever influence them will be dollars. Sad, isn't it!

And Limbaugh fans (and yes,there are some) are probably already complaining how abused he is.

This was interesting on how much contraceptives should cost: from Crooks and Liars .  Sooooo typical!


Kay Dennison said...

Somehow an apology from Rush falls flat. It only happened because some of his advertisers took issue.

I hope they all jump ship like Glen Beck's did after a concerted effort by those good folks at stopglenbeck.com!

Tabor said...

Bullies are insecure. I read he is on his fourth wife and I am not surprised and hope that they are getting a very rich life-style out of having to put up with him. Michael Moore's response was the best to this.

Celia said...

I didn't think much of his apology, he is still insisting that covering birth control is just covering someone's "fun."

Dick said...

I agree with that article's comparison of medicine costs in the US to the same product in Mexico. My first wife needed insulin for steroid induced diabetes. The cheapest we could find her vial of insulin here was $52 at Costco. Since she was on Medicare and back then there was no RX coverage included in Medicare, we had to pay those costs. The exact same thing, by the same manufacturer, in Mexico was $18. This was in 2005- I don't know what the cost difference is now but expect it is likely about the same. That insulin, bought here or in Mexico, wasn't even manufactured in the US!

We are indeed being ripped off on prescription costs.

Jackelineonline said...

definitely about losing sponsors. yep, 100%. need i say more?

Taradharma said...

his apology was so weak and lame...he is on the waning end of his career...people don't want to hear his vitriol much anymore.

Seems as if more sponsors are pulling out of his show. Good for them!

Anonymous said...

"I didn't think much of his apology, he is still insisting that covering birth control is just covering someone's "fun.""

I wonder what they think Viagra treats?
Cop Car

Joy Des Jardins said...

Talk about a total jerk....he takes the cake. Some apology. Really? He's incapable of apologizing for his actions. Sad.

Ingineer66 said...

I caught part of Rush's show when he was talking about this. I thought the same thing that the pill costs the same whether you are having sex or not unless Ms Fluk was talking about girls taking Plan B so often they could not afford that. She came off as whiner in her testimony and there were many things to criticize her about. Such why can't a Georgetown law student not afford birth control or why isn't she on her parents insurance now that Obamacare allows students to stay on until they are 27 or why couldn't she go to Planned Parenhood for free or almost free contraceptives. Or Rush could have stuck to his basic premise of why does she think the taxpayers should pay for her birth control. But instead he went on a rant that did not make much sense.

Rain Trueax said...

He didn't even apologize today for calling her a slut, for suggesting if women want government to pay for birth control pills (as nobody objects to it paying for Viagra), then they should make sex tapes. What he said today was he went down to the level of the left. What left winger spent three days calling a woman names? When Ed used that term to indicate a female pundit was selling out, he was put on suspension without pay. He was not defended. When Letterman said something derogatory about Palin's daughters, lefties said he went too far.

And yet now righties justify what Rush said... righties running for the country's highest office. The only one to have the guts to say he was wrong with no justification was McCain. Guess he doesn't feel he has anything to lose and the rest fear him.

He has become nothing but a bad joke to anybody but right wing extremists and will likely bring down the right wing candidates who want to do things like the governor of Maryland. If it doesn't, it means we are heading back to the Dark Ages-- literally.

And whether students today can afford $100 a month for birth control pills, I have no idea. Why should they have to? That woman she was testifying about had a condition that made the pill a treatment. Women who are irregular in their periods and for other reasons sometimes need it.

If you want to defend the right, you go right ahead. See where that gets you. The righties you will be voting for seemed to think Rush's only mistake was the wrong word. The rest was just fine? It's revolting to even suggest that.

She did not get to testify before Issa. It was a second hearing where Pelosi gave her a chance. She's not a professional. She's a student. I don't see it as whiney to say women should have their birth control pills paid for especially if they have a health condition.

Limbaugh should go down and anybody who defends him pretty well says who they are. I am surprised you would even suggest it given you have said you believe in birth control and individual choice. Guess you've changed and decided the only way your party can win is going all the way on christianist social issues. It really is against women and most of us know that. Lotsa luck with going there. You'll be a party out of power for generations with losing the woman's vote and an awful lot of men believe in choice and responsible sex!

Rain Trueax said...

Imus even nailed it-- Imus calls Limbaugh an insincere pig.

Ingineer66 said...

I know that you are for single payer health care but I am not. The government does not pay for my blood pressure medication so why should they pay for her birth control? Like I said there are many alternatives if she really cannot afford it. She could go to Planned Parenthood or one of the many sources for free or discount services. Why is nobody talking about that? I am sure there is a student health center on campus at Georgetown. I am not defending what Rush said but I disagree with Ms Fluk.

Rain Trueax said...

Government wouldn't. Insurance would. We pay premiums for insurance. That was the request-- that insurance cover it. Should it cover Viagra or those other male aids?

If the girls don't have birth control, they get pregnant, then it's an abortion or maybe a baby born and needing welfare. What do you think saves you more money? You really want them to have an insurance plan that doesn't allow birth control pills even when it's for something like their health?

And it's insurance not charity we are talking about!

And if you didn't have good insurance coverage, or say a grandchild, without a good insurance plan, turned out to have something like cancer, would you favor coverage for all then? People who say what you do, generally have excellent insurance themselves. They are making plenty of money and just don't want to help anybody they don't know.

I'll be writing more about health care... but in this case, if you defend Limbaugh, you are also defending his suggestion that co-ed sex tapes would make him feel better about paying insurance premiums that cover birth control.

Frankly Limbaugh is a creep and he gets defended by those who hate liberals but ought to recognize him for what he is. He won't likely be taken off the air as he makes too much money and for all those who might realize how much he insulted their own daughters, there will be plenty more who will defend him and love his hateful talk. Listening to his program today, his putting this all onto the backs of liberals, was as hateful as what he said last week. He totally doesn't get it and anybody who defends him also doesn't get it. It's about women and too often women's issues are sidelined while men who can't get it up, they deserve insurance help! grrrrr

Ingineer66 said...

I said I was not defending him. My insurance does pay for birth control with a copayment and the insurance my wife had before we got married paid for it too.

Rain Trueax said...

And that is all this is about-- insurance covering it. It was all she was asking for. What Limbaugh and his ilk did was to try and turn this into something else-- as they often do. Whenever we have insurance cover one of our expenses, the premium that we all pay is covering it. Birth control pills are a logical thing to cover. And now a religious institute wouldn't have to pay for it but the insurance company would-- which means our premiums.

Limbaugh is good at twisting things to rile people up. He just went too far this time. I think what really turned the sponsors against him was the suggestion about sex tapes. It said a lot about him... As did his trying to blame liberals for what he said. As though people like me caused him to lower himself to our level. Say what! he's a creep and a jerk. Too bad 15 million listeners don't get it finally but he's good at turning 'me' into the enemy to justify his own ickiness.