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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Health Care

I will doubtless be writing more about health care as it's the big thing they are pushing as being bad about Obama's policies. We don't need no health care... Oh wait, we do but you don't.

Well the scary argument they constantly dredge up is how bad health care is in the countries that provide single payer. Just read this and be sure afterward you spread the word as if the righties win in November, even the care many people have will deteriorate if they are among the working poor unable to afford the best and not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

My belief is we need to be working hard for single payer in the U.S. Enough already with buying what the corporate interests use for scare tactics. Universal health care will not deteriorate everybody's care.


Rubye Jack said...

It's a sad situation as it stands right now and will only be made worse with the right wing.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Our medical insurance premium remained essentially the same as last year, $1,1150 per month. What changed are the deductibles and the (no longer) fully covered procedures. We will need to shell out $500 before insurance will pay anything. Prescription coverage will cover less, we will pay more.

The question I have to ask Corporate America is: Wouldn't you rather I have that $13,800 disposable income to spend in your store/restaurant/catalog, etc? Wouldn't you rather enjoy more profit through NOT having to provide health care to employees? Wouldn't you credit companies rather earn interest from people rather than have them declare bankruptcy due to medical expenses? Seems like a basic bottom line business decision to me.