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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Right wing media on Trayvon's kiilling

This doesn't surprise me at all even though I do not watch Fox news ever.

How Fox covered the story might have surprised me before I went to Drudge and looked to see if it was covering it at all-- it wasn't. There were plenty of Drudge's little nothing stories, shallow and right up his alley. There were big headlines on Romney's win.

Drudge really really wants Romney. Not hard to understand why given how easily Romney has been told what to do by the right wing. They probably assume when he gets in, they'll get all that they want. One suggestion was Bolton for Secretary of State. Can you imagine a worse choice? I can't, but they had other things they would want from Romney. Given how Romney has bent over for them so far, it's not surprising they feel they will get it all. But back to that link...

I used to regularly read several right wing news sites just to keep up on what they were doing. Finally it went down to one-- Drudge. That is right up until yesterday when I deleted it from my own blog roll. The reason being this exact case.

Drudge had nothing on it. I am guessing if he follows the Fox line, he'll have some stories, how this is all about getting gun control. For yesterday there was not one story about a case that involves violence, the most scary type-- the kind you can accidentally find yourself in. To me, its absence reveals their own totally partisan stories, and yes, bigotry as part of why they are so opposed to Obama.

I might add they have regularly carried links to anything WND has had suggesting Obama is a Muslim, part of a plot against Americans, or regarding some mailman who has definite positive proof that Obama is secretly an extreme leftie terrorist wantabe as he wrote a book (nothing surprises me on what the right wing can get published in books) about what he knows because he delivered mail to the Ayers family home (this supposedly reveals that they paid for Obama's education) during those years.

The extreme right wing will do anything, and I do mean anything, to get power in this country and keep it. We have seen it time after time. And for anyone who thinks they can get all their news from fair and balanced Fox, they won't even be told the full details of a lot of what is going on. Anything they do get will always be shifted to the far right viewpoint. Just the facts. Forget that.


Rubye Jack said...

Fox? What's Fox? I don't even like saying their name.

Kay Dennison said...

Amen!!!!! A recent survey showed that Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don't follow the news at all!!!


Talk about a waste of time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surveys are done not to gather facts, but to promote a position. The statistics can be spun anyway one pleases depending on what results are desired.

la peregrina said...

This Jim Morin editorial cartoon from the Miami Herald probably sent them over the edge:


Of course they don't understand that a looney with a gun does no one any good including their cause.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Amen, Amen, my dear Rain...! Deliver me from these extremists...! The lies told; the untruths passed off as "fact"....I makes me sick to my stomach...!

Tabor said...

Well there was a university study...cannot remember who or when...that was collecting data on media and current awareness and did find that Faux News watchers were substantially ignorant on current events of import... more ignorant than viewers of any other news! PBS folks were the most knowledgeable.