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Friday, March 23, 2012

Walking while black

This link came from Tara. Everybody should read it-- especially those who thinks the killing and even more police reaction to the murder of Trayvon Martin weren't about race. And if they think the problem is localized to the South, there is even more reason to read it. If a person only gets their news from Fox and thinks this story is another leftie plot or all about gun control, even more they need to read it. Please!

A few years ago a Congresswoman in Arizona ran into the same thing as she was pulled over in a nice neighborhood (happened to be her neighborhood) while driving an expensive car (her car). There was only one reason for the officer to stop her.

Come on. We as a nation can do better than this. Can't we? Or have we come to accept threats and violence are okay, racial profiling is okay-- so long as they happen to someone else! These incidents don't all end in someone's death but they should not happen at all because the potential for it to be worse is there in every one of them.


Rubye Jack said...

It's weird. I haven't heard one word in defense of this killer and yet they don't arrest him. Seriously, I can't figure out why they don't just arrest him, especially with the world watching now.

Tabor said...

Talk about a slippery slope! Seems that no one realizes this terrible danger that we ignore.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I read the Blog/Article..It is a very important one, as you said, Rain. And you may recall, in my comment on your last post I alluded to these kinds of things happening elsewhere, including here in Los Anheles---all the time.
To be black almost anywhere, one is at risk of this kind of racism and DANGER.
Frightening, to say the least. Disgusting and despicible, at best. And Horrifying, in every way.

Kay Dennison said...

"Walking while black" -- that was the phrase that popped in my brain the minute I heard the report on this travesty. It's really affected me greatly. I live in a mixed race neighborhood and I find it amazing that racists live here (including my upstairs neighbor). That said, mostly we get along fine which is as it should be. What happened/is happening in Florida is a strong statement that we haven't learned a damned thing and the civil rights movement has failed and bigotry is alive and well. What really galls me is that the killer and those shielding him probably call themselves Christians.

It also shows how immature we are in this country and it frightens me greatly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting, Rain, and particularly for the link to Keka's Blog.
Cop Car