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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please check this out

For anyone who values the Internet as it's been, please check this out for more information. Our freedoms are constantly being infringed upon and it's only us staying informed that changes that.


Taradharma said...

I had not heard about this bill. Thanks for the info....I'm going to read more about it. I cannot imagine the turmoil it would cause to the free flow of internet information!

The big question is: who is behind it? Follow the money.

Kay Dennison said...

This is just another heinous attack on our civil liberties and needs to be stopped NOW!!!!!

Count me in!!!!

Rubye Jack said...

Honestly, the Internet (for the public) was taken down many years ago I'm afraid. Funny no one much seems to remember the old days when worldwideweb had just begun - 1990, not so long ago. I'm really not that old. Check it out.

Joya said...

Yeah! Really it is a heinous attack to civil liberties!

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