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Friday, November 11, 2011


Dates with matching numbers always seem as though they should have something special about them. Yes, I know this one is Veterans Day; but if I write about that, it would go political and relate how Senator DeMint just voted to block our veterans receiving special help in getting jobs. I mean what do we owe them anyway? (that was satire) Just keep in mind DeMint is one of the party that is supposed to be the patriotic one... Patriotic to what though is becoming more and more obvious and it's not our returning soldiers who have higher unemployment rates than the average.

Okay, leaving behind politics, which we know I don't write about here, next year some are expecting a 12/21/12 to be the end of the world. I guess they didn't favor 12/12/12 because it's not at the Solstice. Anyway I felt it'd be fun to write about 11/11/11 and if I was lucky find something significant... except I couldn't come up with any promised catastrophes or blessings.

There was a suggestion that we use it to meditate on peace and making our world move in that direction. When that comes to mind, it's hard to not think of Penn State and the ignoring by powerful people of multiple molestations and rapes of children. The assaults were bad enough, but what the powerful did about it, that was unbelievable to most of us. What does that say about our culture? Was this all about dollars? About maintaining power positions? About the nearly godlike attitude some have toward sports. Reading the story I found it impossible to believe it and yet know it happens over and over. I guess it would be a good time to meditate or for those who believe in prayer to ask for a better world.

If I was a numerologist, I'd consider 11 to be one of those numbers you cannot break down into something else. It's a life path number, considered a master number i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. You get master numbers when you put together all your numbers and cannot break them down farther... except, of course, you could get 2 out of 11 but never mind that. It's not about logic but rather tradition, I suppose.

Now since 11 isn't my number (7 always has been even before numerology came along to tell me it was), I wasn't too aware of any significance to 11 other than it looks cool to write 11/11/11. I actually had a book on numerology but unfortunately for this exercise, I had traded it into the bookstore as I didn't end up feeling it covered anything of value. In short I didn't take it too seriously although when I decided to do a search on this topic, I found what a life path 7 means and that seemed pretty close to me-- except the bad stuff, of course ;). [Life path for 7]

So will 11/11/11 be significant? Who knows.  Most likely not... but it is fun to speculate a bit, don't you think. That is if you don't start counting up numbers to plan anything you do or worry that one will mean the end of the world for some undefined reason. Well actually one will but not because it likely fit a numerological profile... probably. Hey, I am a libra, we don't deal in absolutes but in balance-- of course, our definition of balance. *s*

Hmmm when I went to put a label on this one, I realized I need a new one-- speculation...

The maple leaves are from two small maples that we bought several years back for down toward the creek from the house. Since red leaves aren't natural for here, we figured we could add them. So far they've done quite well even though they are beneath the big oaks. They will never grow big enough to challenge them for space.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The pictures of the leaves are stunning, Rain.....Really Really Beautiful. 11/11/11....I LOVE the sound of it and the symmatry(?.

Paul said...

Your beautifull face talls a story Rain...

Celia said...

Check out Michele Biliyeu's blog today about 11.


I really like your pensive portrait.

Rain said...

thanks for the link, Celia. I had heard that about 11 before but since it's never had any significance, nor have I often looked up to see it is 11:11, I didn't post it. Glad you did.