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Friday, May 08, 2009

Scorpio Full Moon

This and the blog for tomorrow will be from email forwards that I receive now and again from Tucson psychic, Stephanie St. Claire.
From different astrologers, both relate in different ways to current astrological conditions. Readings like this are suggestions for using the energy of a full moon and certain planetary combination to one's advantage.
There are four moon photos from the farm last night if you won't get to see it where you live because of cloud cover.

Full Moon in Scorpio - Sun in Taurus
Fri., May 8, 2009

Ahhhhh - the Moon of deep feminine emotional power.

All four elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air have a power sign:
Earth - Taurus
Water - Scorpio
Fire - Leo
Air - Aquarius
Earth and Water are feminine, and Fire and Air are masculine.

The uprising and bursting of the Spring is embellished with the jewel of feminine power. The Winter landscape has been powerfully transformed and restored by the Earth going deeply within and replenishing herself by containing her power and energy. This Spring Full Moon is deeply sexual as the plants come into fertile bloom and the animals mate and reproduce their kind. Scorpio affects the two-leggeds with large brains in much the same way, arousing our intensity, passion, strength and magnetic desire to connect with others deeply or not at all.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio forces us into our hidden, psychological depths to free up any blocked resistant parts of ourselves in order to gain personal power. Risky business. And that is just what Scorpio excels at - destroying and eliminating and transmuting what no longer serves. Think Kali - Goddess of Destruction with blood-dripping skulls around her neck serving you with her fearlessness to release your power to be reborn and create anew. Which of Scorpio's three symbols is most akin to your current state? The Scorpion stinging for the love of stinging, the Eagle imperially soaring high above the mundane world, or the Phoenix rising from its own ashes to be transformed and reborn?

If your experience is revealing a tendency (perhaps subtly) towards the darker, scorpionic expressions of sarcasm, resentment, secretiveness, judgment, guilt, suspicion and power struggles, then you can maximize this Full Moon opportunity to clear the way for your true essence to shine through. Use your forgiveness and compassion practices. (Reread the May Forecast!) Pluto went retrograde on April 4th and won't be moving forward until September, so this theme is on-going and vital to our discarding of outmoded patterning relevant to previous centuries.

Another major configuration is active in the sky and squaring the Full Moon-Sun axis. Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune are all joined at 24º, 25º, 26º Aquarius. This formation will be very active this month and until the end of the year and into Feb. 2010. This triple conjunction occurred previously in 1882 in Taurus when Edison won out over Tesla and our system of Electrical Energy was birthed. Then again in 1945, the triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron occurred in Libra and the Atomic Energy era commenced. Now in 2009-10 in Aquarius what new energy system will be conceived? Will it be awakening to Quantum Energy that allows us to create our own realities through the mastering of the mechanics of the quantum field? Or harnessing the Sun's infinite power so the entire planet has all the freely available energy it needs and prosperity and balance comes to all peoples?

Individually, Neptune seeks deeper meaning by transcending the mundane and merging with a greater whole. Chiron is a doorway or turning point where healing and understanding of our wounded (unloved) self takes place. And Jupiter provides an expanded and blessed passage for this to take place. Self-healing and collective healing take place under this influence.
It's an amazing and powerfully creative transition time you have chosen to participate in. Show up in the best way you possibly can. Ask Spirit for support in ridding you of your resistances, because the astrological forces unfolding over the next 10-15 years are extremely powerful, and you want to be as flexible and open to the new influences as possible, not resistant and hanging on to the old. The gifts can be immense.

Astrological Notes by Patricia Liles. Contact her at patliles@aol.com

P.O. Box 272
Santa Fe, NM 87504-0272


All moon shots were taken in the Coast Range of Oregon May 7, 2009.
The moon cooperated beautifully with the clouds to tease, tempt and make us wait for it to fully reveal itself. It was like a woman, one in the night, with veils and transparent wraps which only slowly would she drop to reveal herself.
Click on images to enlarge and fully appreciate the beauty of the clouds, trees and moon last night.


donna said...

I'm a Scorpio. I went through my scorpion stage when I was younger, my phoenix stage several years ago, and now have been in eagle mode for a very long time now.

Love having the broader perspective, my difficulty now is figuring out what to do with it, and now to share it with others. Blogging helps a bit, as does my political work, but it's been tough to find something that intrigues me enough to really focus on it lately.

Loved the moon last night -- so clear and bright. It was truly stunning.

Dick said...

We sure couldn't see the moon for the last few nights but I hope the weekend weather will be better. Tue we head out with the RV for Eastern Washington for a week where it should be dryer and warmer. I hope.

TorAa said...

Full Moon is allways someting unexplainable.
It's a kind of Tide and low water.
And - well it seems that we who are living of this planet are influenced in some way.
Have a great weekend in NW

Kay Dennison said...

A full moon -- that explains a lot. I'm definitely a lunatic!!!! Sigh

Parapluie said...

I loved your photographs of the moon and speaking of it as a woman. I can imagine you out in the cool of the night waiting for the lady to reveal just the right photo opts.