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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Astrology mailing from Patricia Atwater

My second email forward on astrology that I received from Stephanie St. Claire.

To be honest, I do not know how much astrology impacts our daily lives. I know things like horoscopes have limited applications, probably are right about as often as chance would make it, because they are for a whole sign and not specific people; but something like this, about overall planetary influences that impact everyone, how much weight should we give it?

In this case, for the last month long before I saw this article, I had been feeling a lot of what this astrologer writes goes with this planetary combination. Some things impact one birth sign more than another and maybe that's why it has been so strong for me. I thought I'd share it here in case someone else has been feeling the same things and, like me, had no logical reason for the feelings. The comforting aspect to astrology is that these kind of combinations are there for a day, a season but won't last. If you are one who is sensitive to such things, knowing its changing nature can help.
FW: Astrology from Phyllis Atwater
Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 15:15:11

So many people have contacted me about the strange energy that is present virtually everywhere now, that it feels right to me that I share a few things with the hope of being helpful. Most of you know that, among many other interests, I am also an astrologer. Not your usual kind. I practiced the type of astrology most of you are familiar with from 1971 until I died in 1977. After I died everything changed for me, especially my understanding of astrology. Now, those former skills have woven their way into the energy world around me that I can easily see and interact with. In that sense, I tend to approach the subject in a much simpler, practical way that is very participatory for me - something I feel as well as see. With that said, let me begin.

Since last fall, but becoming much more intense since the election, we have been dealing with Uranus in Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo. That's just astrological talk that hardly covers all that is happening now and what is coming, but at least it establishes some general terms. Using symbols and myth, Uranus (an air sign) is considered the heavenly flashlight that highlights what needs to be seen. It is also considered a lightning bolt in the way it zips right to the subject at hand - like a rebel, a no-nonsense change agent and transformer that says in essence "we've been doing this long enough - time to change."

When Uranus is in a sign important to you, its passage through your life feels as if someone is pulling the rug out from under your feet - fast and unlooked for, and, without any particular direction or consequence. Think of "change for the sake of change." Pisces, in this case, represents the traditional way of doing things, what we are used to, the world of cultural norms that is passing from view. Pisces means emotions, feelings, intuition, imagination, creativity, security, privacy, religious and spiritual needs. Uranus does not function well in Pisces, a water sign, so it tends to splash around a bit, upsetting people and tossing over "applecarts."

Saturn is often called the disciplinarian, the task master, that teacher who insists that you learn what you need to know through hard work and practical application. Saturn settles into routines quickly and forms systems and structures that carry the burdens and opportunities of life in ways that are dependable and eventually profitable. It is an energy form that sticks and stays and is true to its calling, for as long as it takes.

Virgo, in many ways like Saturn, is also practical and down-to-earth, an energy that can be counted on to get the job done no matter the sacrifice. Virgo is the sign of harvest, of preparing for the uplooked for, of ensuring survival and good health. Virgo serves, but usually in a more mental way, quick with words and plans and lists and categories for everything. If you want a job done, you call on a Virgo.

Right now these two giants, Uranus and Saturn, are opposite each other in a push-pull twisting "grab" that tends to foment struggles, arguments, disappointments, depression - between people, between political parties, between schools of thought, between countries, between businesses and banks, and on and on. It is a challenge to be positive when you feel as if you are being torn apart. And that's the rub: Uranus' job is to tear apart and separate anything Saturn holds on to. Yup, Uranus says we must change. We cannot live as we have before. And Saturn says, there is no way I am going to give up what I have and what I have gained in life.

What is happening now is a tug-of-war of astronomical proportions that is affecting every household, every business, every individual. No one and nothing is exempt. The response has been all-out-war between differing sides, be it Republicans and Democracts, home buyers and banks, car makers and unions, husbands and wives, food and the money to buy it, medicine and health, regulation and common sense. The war is not "overseas," it is everywhere there are people and cultures who refuse to change the "tried and true."

We must change. And we do that by listening to each other and coming up with

Did you hear that world?

No one is going to win this war. There are no winners. Not Islam versus Christianity, not America versus Russia, not teenagers in full rebellion versus the law, not drug dealers versus governments. There are no winners in the traditional sense.

This type of energy is relentless, and it will become much more intense throughout March, April, May, the rest of this year, into next year - and - please - lookout for the time of July and August of 2010. Lay low those months. Don't push it. Take it easy. Avoid trips and moves and investments - anything of importance. There is no appreciable relief until late 2010. Then the pattern changes into a different frequency of energy shifts.

If you have been feeling pushed, almost to the point of panic; if you are feeling up against a wall with no where to turn; if you feel like closing in on yourself; if you feel overly emotional as if all you wanted to do was cry; if your back is going out and you cough or fall or hit yourself in some fashion; if you feel betrayed by the people you trusted. . . please know all these feelings and others like them are normal now. . . they are typical responses to a relentless pressure that offers no definable way out. The known way just dissolved.

Just when it looks like "the end" is at hand, know that we have lots of help available. Really. Pluto is in Capricorn. I'm not going to explain this one, suffice it to say that the message here is: re_______ (fill in the blank). In other words: redo, remodel, reassess, resew, recycle, re_____________________. What worked during the Great Depression? Just that.

Small businesses that sprang up everything, filled with people with ideas of how they could help - a little here, a little there - all kinds of ideas of how they could provide whatever service or product or skill was needed. People filling in, doing what people do best - inventing. What hurt us before were buyouts, big businesses buying up little businesses, forming huge corporations that separated the source of need from
the individual who could provide it.

Profits became a dirty word because of how grossly large and unfair and uncaring the businesses became. Wealth is wonderful, as long as it services and uplifts and educates and builds what can be used in ways that make sense. There is nothing wrong with the banking business and corporations, as long as they remember whom they serve and what their purpose is in the greater scheme of things. Lose that and you have greed. Greed only becomes a problem when it takes over common sense.

Capricorn insists on common sense. It insists on the practical. It insists on saving and investing and growing in proportion to its mission. "Bring it down" says the opposition of the giants. "Let's start over again," says Pluto. Look at the good already coming from this: families who actually eat together and talk to each other, meals being cooked at home, people sharing tasks and hardships - helping each other, neighborhoods and communities watching over children and seniors and anyone else who needs a helping hand, food banks that are aligning with farmers for a more direct alliance that works, neighborhood gardens, people learning how to compost
and also learning about simple medicines and health care that is inexpensive
and dependable.

Do you know what the single most helpful thing was that was done during the Great Depression that enabled people not only to survive but thrive? Storytelling. People telling other people their stories, what happened to them and what they learned. Funny stories. Family stories that hold people together. Spiritual stories, dreamy stories, how-to stories. STORYTELLING!!!!!!!!!! People talking to each other and sharing their lives with each other. STORYTELLING!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the little things that will save us and enhance our lives and make the days to come not only livable but wonderful. And compromise and sharing and giving and looking out for each other. If you are depressed, volunteer to help someone else. Can't get the energy to clean up your place? Clean up someone else's place and watch your energy, your drive, increase by leaps and bounds. Feel like crying, grab some crayons or paint and create something or write a book or stories or draw or dance. Each and every person has within them the heart to survive and thrive. If we help each other, that will increases many-fold.

Want to help out the people in Illinois who were laid off by Caterpillar? Send their foodbank $1. That's all you need to do, or any charity that is addressing the needs of those who have been laid off or lost their jobs. Foodbanks. Free clinics. Send them $1 a month. If enough people send these wonderful service centers $1 a month, there will be enough money not only to supply all the needs of the people in that area, but in surrounding areas as well.

Don't forget prayer and meditation. Prayer works if given freely and without limitations. It is not our job to be God. It is our job to offer the God Within and Without, that Presence, that Truth, that Sacred Holiness, our voice in humble thanks, knowing that our request for healing and guidance and comfort will be answered as surely as day follows night, in accordance with whatever is best for our/their highest good and the highest good of all concerned. And meditation, the greatest stress relief there is, a timeless way to tune in to that which is true and worthy. . . to center in the Silence of our Soul.

Invent a new business, create a new service, hug your friends and family, and get busy. We have a society and an economy and our very lives to rebuild, recreate, and reshape. This is an exciting time, really a blessed time for all. Want to give up? Well, when you give up, you get yourself out of the way, you make room for God/Allah/Source/The One Mind. Sometimes, giving up frees us from the limitations of our own set beliefs, so we can surrender to that Power Greater Than Ourselves.

AS A SPECIAL TREAT, I want to recommend a musical CD called "Fearless." It
is the creation of Claudia Carawan - exceptional, professional, all heart, original, wonderful, incredibly uplifting. Claudia writes most of her own songs. Unlike many spiritually-motivated songsters who calm and soothe, this woman's music is upfront, real and powerful, and authentically moving. Her creation is exactly what we need to get us up on our feet and doing all that we can and more. "Fearless" is the perfect music for what is happening today. My husband and I have a copy and we play it often. Highly recommended!!! (No connection here; she doesn't even know I am doing this.) Access her website at http://www.claudiacarawan.com/ and find out how to obtain your copy. Play it. Be fearless!

Many blessings to all of you, PMH


For those of you interested in more information about this time astrologically, go to my extra blog. Atwater expands her thinking with some practical suggestions of what she believes will help: Rainy Day Extras with Part II


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

And on top of ALL this....Mercury is Retrograde! LOL!

But this was very interesting abd makes a loy of sense.....I fund it hard to know that this "unrest" shall we say, will not let up until Late 2010....OY!

Anne said...

I'm a fundamentally pragmatic skeptic who favours scientific explanations of things and I have a hard time considering astrology a scientific explanation of things. However, a good friend of mine is an astrologer and the way he explains it is that astrology is a metaphor, just as Freudian psychology is a metaphor, for discussing the workings of the human mind and society. It can provide a framework and a language for talking and thinking about important human issues.