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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Along the farm creek

There has never been a time I have not appreciated living along a creek in all its moods, its many shades of color and seasons. When things are not going well for any number of assorted reasons, here is a place I find comfort and it never fails me.

It's not just being able to walk down to the creek, but the sound of the water, hearing the creatures that make their home along its banks. Someone released a peacock out here several years ago, and at night I often hear its plaintive cry, sometimes wondering if it's part of a movie, but no, it's from my backyard.

Not to say creek living is without cost. It floods. There are erosion issues. Fences never stay tight, but it's always worth it. If the day comes I must leave here, and nothing lasts forever, I will always miss it but will take my memories with me for as long as I live. If I should die while I am still living here, I want my ashes sprinkled into this water.


Paul said...

Lovely pics Rain and you are a vision of beauty !!

Darlene said...

Rain, I share your love of a creek. The place where I grew up had a lovely small creek running through it and we children used to catch tadpoles there.

I think the sound of the water was the most endearing part.

I hope you are enjoying your respite with your dear friends by a larger body of water.

Ugich Konitari said...

What a beautiful creek. Offering you a lap of comfort, like a child gravitates to, as it reaches for a mother's lap. No words are required, but the comfort pervades.

I sense a feeling of worry , maybe because of issues with the non-motherly-cow. Whether you actually live there in the future, or not, the creek will always be part of you, unforgettable, like a mother is for a child.