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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This morning I read Dharma Bums (linked alongside this blog) and they had this -- Keith Olbermann. I thought it was very important and wanted to put it here also. Please check it out. What Olbermann had to say was worth everyone in this nation taking the time to read or hear-- especially if they still support George Bush.


Anonymous said...

Tremendous! Thanks, Rain...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link, Rain. I "listened" to his address, but couldn't bear to watch him. If his lips move, he is lying. He used his 9/11 speech for politics, still trying to get us on his Iraq war bandwagon. I heard a review of a documentary coming out called The Death of President--about his assassination. Now I think that is going way too far, frankly, but how this man and his administration remain popular with anyone is way beyond me. What am I missing?

Maya's Granny said...

Rain, an excellent choice to link. As fran says, if he moves his lips, he's lying.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I had seen this Video of Keith Olberman on another Blog that I read...It is very very important. He is a wonderful reporter and commentator, too, in the style and honesty of Edward R. Murrow....and there isn't anyone else that I know of around like that!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Truly remarkable Rain. I was so transfixed on what he was saying and how beautifully he said it. He didn't miss a thing....frighteningly accurate.

Ingineer66 said...

OK here goes. I just lost a lot of respect for Keith Olberman. I used to like his commentaries, but I cannot agreee with most of this. First of all I am pretty sure that the re-building of the WTC is controlled by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with a lot of input from the man that has a 99 year lease of the towers, not the President of the United States. I agree it is a travesty that nothing has been built yet and the fact there is not yet a permanent memorial is a disgrace, but I think the blame for most of that again lies with the local politicians. What has Hillary Clinton done to get the towers or the memorial built? She is a New York politician how many speeches has she given about the issue?
As for the documentary I cannot believe the Dem leadership in Congress is so brazen to threaten a broadcast license because a movie might portray an ex president in a bad light. What would have happened if the Republican leadership would have asked Warner Brothers to back off on All the Presidents Men? Or what if the Bush Administration would have threatened theaters that show Fahrenheit 9/11, no fabrications in that movie is there.

Every movie make in Hollywood from 1980 to 1992 showed the president as a doting old fool (Clear and Present Danger among others). Then suddenly after 92 the president became a young war hero (Air Force One, Independence Day). When in fact the sitting president at the time didnt even serve in the military he fled the country to avoid it. The Hollywood and TV media bias is so obvious.

Rain Trueax said...

The problem with that show, if you read about it, ingineer, is that they lied. They used the opinion of a right wing republican on that commission and only him, who purposely let things be shown that were lies.

How would you like it if someone showed your fair haired boy, Bush, as ordering the military to hold back in Tora Bora because he wanted bin Laden to escape? You know a lot believe that happened but there is no proof of it. That program on ABC showed moments like that which were created out of fiction. They even went so far as to say that it was fiction but who that watched in on the right will believe that? They and you believe what suits your desire to think you did right when you voted for that man. You can't face how monstrous he's been and so you want programs like a distortion of who in this country let 9/11 happen.

Whatever responsibility Clinton had, it was more that everytime he'd hit where bin Laden was, the Republicans would yell it was a distraction from their more important issue-- blow jobs. If there was a connection between distraction and letting bin Laden run free (which the Clinton administration claims was never true) was it the fault of Clinton for a blow job or the Republicans who made a big deal out of it hoping to distract him from any serious business?

But Clinton's people say that docu whatever you want to call it out and out lied about those chances. That they went for him when they could.

You naturally would not like Olbermann's speech about things like NYC... but how about all the money that the Bush people promised the city right after 9/11. (As they always do and then don't deliver on.) If that money had come through, maybe that would have helped.

Maybe the hole Olbermann was talking about was as much the emotional hole in this country that people like Bush supporters have helped continue to be here with fear used to hold onto their power which is not being used to strengthen this country but their own pocketbooks.

There have been so many things on this whole topic that come the month of October, it's about all I plan to write about for that month. I know a lot who read here don't like politics and they will probably be turned off to reading it but I feel compelled to do it based on what i see as having happened. Once again the American people have a chance to turn from their path and put in place a chance to actually stop Bush as well as really look at what has happened. I hope they choose that but given the dirty tricks of the supposedly moral Bush administration, I don't hold out a lot of hope, but I sure will be writing about all of this for the run up to the election.