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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Earth Cycles

Most likely anyone who pays attention to earth cycles, religious seasons, or uses full and new moons already knows we are approaching a particularly powerful time with not only the new moon and equinox on Friday but the first day of autumn and Rosh Hashanah beginning Saturday. I received this in my email this morning from Stephanie StClaire and thought some others might enjoy reading it:

"New Moon with a solar eclipse is Friday, September 22 at 5:45 AM and the Fall equinox is at 4:24 PM US Mountain Time. This is a very powerful day and provides an opportunity to reset anything in your life that needs it by being clear about what you are leaving behind. Spend time on and around this day in spiritual practice and setting intentions for the future. Beware of possible mechanical or electronic malfunctions. Watch for dissolving of certain support structures as you reset areas of your life. Be proactive with this time and you will get a lot of mileage out if it."
from Jose and Lena of Power Path.

(I have read their emails through Stephanie before but have not visited their site other than to get this link to let you know from where it comes.)


Dick said...

I really don't understand what this is refering to. The equinox I am familiar with but can't say I see how the other items relate. Please enlighten me.

Rain said...

Okay, well, I am not Jewish but have learned something about the yearly Jewish celebrations as to me they make sense in a spiritual way. The activity or celebration would mostly come out of the Old Testament for Christians.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, a time of spiritual introspection, a time to look back over the past year and plan changes for the coming one. It is a spiritually set apart day. The word is not used in the Bible but refers to Yom HaZikkaron, day of remembrance or Yom Teruah, day of sounding the Sofar, which is a ram's horn. The Jewish New Year actually comes in the seventh month and there are several throughout the year, but (and any Jews who read here can correct anywhere I am wrong) this one is when the Jewish year starts.

Equinox you know. Midway between Solstices and beginning of autumn.

The New Moon and Full Moon are something I have written about in my blogs but possibly before you began reading me. April 11th, was on-- Planting with the Moon and on how we can use these cycles to make changes in our lives, to focus ourselves.

Some believe any eclipse is a strong spiritual time and what these writers were suggesting is we use Friday as a day to rethink where we are going, a day for new beginnings. Basically this is a good practice now and again anyway but if we can take a time that spiritually has been chosen which often is for reasons that go deeper than we know and use it to bring power to our lives, that seems good to me.

I have been doing the New Moon and Full Moon exercises since January. I can't say it's resolved all my problems but there have been some real improvements for me this year. Maybe my focusing on those things has been why. Many believe in planting by the moon cycles. I haven't done that yet but always think I will. It's just one more thing to add onto the memory plate and some days, that's one too many :)

Mary Lou said...

Now I have to go re-read my horoscope at Astrology ZOne! I think she mentioned it too.

Fran said...

Thanks for the heads up, Rain. I knew about the Equinox and Rosh Hashanah, but not the equinox. I have sporadically been doing the moon exercises you recommended at your site, but you've jogged me to go back to it again. Have to look up dark and full moon's date.

goldenlucyd said...

Thanks for the mention of Rosh ha Shana---the head of the year. It's a very special time for us---a particularly favorite holiday for this family. It is the first of the "High Holy Days" and comes at the end of Elul, a period of reflection and introspection. I will be thinking about you tonight when we begin our celebration. Your depth and personal reflections are always meaninful to me. L' Shana Tova! A good year!

Winston said...

I think I'll stay in bed until Monday...

Sandy said...

I know a little about some of the things you have written about not nearly to the extent you do. It is my parents 50th anniversary today, the 22nd, maybe all of these things will bring them many more happy years. Dick, I laughed a little over your last comment, I don't blame you but Rain is great at explaining :)

Parapluie said...

Well put! Last night my husband and I attended an Eagle Scout awards ceremony and banquet for a neighbor's son at a Presbyterian church. It was certainly well planned to come just preceeding this powerful time. Also, I was amazed at the borrowing of rituals the bugel similar to a sophar,like candle lighting, the looking back and looking forward into the young man's future, the bonding with other scouts, the jovial light roasting of the new Eagle Scout, the recognition of the parents, the presentation of new vestments and their symbolism, the songs, the flowers for the mother, the decorations, the meal. I felt the kinship of all spiritual paths.