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Saturday, July 01, 2006


The reflections in the creek seem apropos to what I am feeling as I seem to be reflecting a lot on life, on my choices, on time, on the meaning of everything or anything. Is it the season or the heat?

Reflections bounce back from the sky and along the creek and hide what is under the surface.

I am reading a small book which claims much-- The Book of Everything, Journey of the Heart's Desire, Hakim Sanai's Walled Garden of Truth. I could not say it's really about everything but it has some worthwhile thoughts to consider-- one to a page-- like:

"If, my love, I had to describe to You the way,
I would say clearly:
Turn to life for the truth
and not to empty truths for life."

It is good to stop and reflect--
if we don't let reflections confuse us as to what is real or stop us from living.


Dick said...

Two weeks from next Sunday I'll be back in Spokane for a couple of weeks, the town I grew up in. I have a lot of family & friends there so it will be a time of re-connecting. In fact, a group of us who went to school together are planning nearly a week long round of get togethers to do just that. Should be very interesting. This is after a week & a half at the U of Idaho for a Life on Wheels conference, where I will also spend time with good friends.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Beautiful photos, Rain, and deep reflective thoughts to match. We all certainly live life in cycles.

robin andrea said...

Lovely post, Rain. It is god to stop and reflect. A nice way to recall where we've been and consider where we are headed. And perfect to sit beside a creek for inspiration.

Mary Lou said...

You are such a jewel! Your mind must reflect on beautiful things!

I have been reflecting also, only mine have been darker than usual, must be the heat, and the destruction! :Z

Sandy said...

Good thoughts Rain and relaxing pictures. Reminding us all to stop at times and also be grateful.

bernie said...

Life is like a movie screen. If you paint happy thoughts on it, those thoughts can become your consciousness. Taking time to reflect allows you time to observe this movie screen.

Rain said...

Mary Lou, if i had my house torn up by water damage, I would have a hard time holding onto positive thoughts too. I hope it's gonna be back together for you real soon at home.

And Bernie, I like that thought.

Thanks everyone for commenting. It always adds to my enjoyment to read what others see and think.

Karen said...

The patterns of these photos are beautiful - they are almost like abstract paintings.