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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Kirstie lost 69 pounds... She cheated on her diet. She'll wear a bikini on Oprah (does that mean she has no cellulite?). Nicole got married. There was a prenuptial. There was not. Denise is surprised Charlie turned out to be what he always was, and Heather is surprised Denise wasn't really her friend. Divorces. No divorces. Bad face lifts, Botox, and what is it with those lips?

If you don't know what any of that meant, you probably do not glance at the headlines of the tabloids alongside the grocery store check-outs and definitely do not buy the magazines. Now days you don't have to buy them. You can get most of the gossip and pictures from blogs as well as find interviews on major news programs. The mix between what is gossip and news has long been blurred.

I would not walk across the street to see a movie star in person and probably would pretend I didn't recognize them if I saw them in a restaurant. That was what I did the time I saw Clint Eastwood. I don't watch their interviews on television regarding how to fix the refugee or environmental problems, but I like to read stories about them. I think it's because their joys and problems are like anybody's except the opportunities, wealth, and glamour are bigger than average.

Back when I was young, the headlines were Liz and Eddie find true love. Liz and Dick find true love. Nothing much has changed for the stories. There were quite a few glossy movie star magazines back then, and I got to read them thanks to an aunt who passed them down. I didn't think nearly as highly of my mother's favorites-- Redbook and Good Housekeeping. Nope, for me it was seeing the stars on vacation, at a shimmering event, or catching a glimpse of some beauty kissing someone she wasn't supposed to through the grainy image of a telephoto lens where you had to take the photographer's word for who it was.

Now days the interest I have had in celebrity magazines is leaving me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I still enjoy the stories, the clothes, luxurious vacations, and seeing who is dating who and is she really having a baby-- even as I know the likelihood is if she is, the tabloid will be the last to know. But, I admit they are for me the same as junk food-- probably not good but something I have done anyway. There is the same mix of guilt for contributing to something that isn't healthy with the pleasure of doing it knowing I wasn't supposed to.

With the increasing aggressiveness of the paparazzi, I feel it's becoming more damaging, and I would be in favor of laws limiting access. Because someone is a celebrity or a political leader, does that make them suddenly fair game? I read there is a site on the internet where people can send in where they saw a celebrity for others to rush there. That becomes like hunting prey, doesn't it? If the laws are changed, readers would still have celebrity events; and the interviews when the celeb had a new product out. They know they need to advertise, but that advertisement should be limited to common decency.

And yes, I know, this is not exactly a weighty topic (think of it as summertime lite), but I am going to 'weigh' in on a couple of the stories. I hope Keith and Nicole have found lasting joy. Paul and Joanna did years ago. It could happen. Everybody likes a happy ending, but then I hoped Kenny and Renee would find that also. I think when Angelina says that she is putting her children first and that's why she's not marrying their father, whose leg is she pulling? And as for Britney, who did not expect a girl growing up as a child star would have problems figuring out how to live a balanced adult life? I have never watched The View, but was it good or bad to bounce Star from it? Hmmmm that about covers it... except will Kirstie really keep the weight off? Tune in next week.

(I did not ask permission from the Evening Grosbeaks for the above picture. From the looks and sounds of conflict at the feeder today, stars have nothing on them.)


Dick said...

I am not a fan of the "tabloids" & feel that much of their news is not factual, but I will have to admit to enjoying reading something like People Magazine once in awhile. I wouldn't dare get a subscription to it as it comes out weekly and I would spend too much time reading the darn thing. I have too many other books to read to bother wasting time on fluff like that.

Sandy said...

What a great, how did you put it? "summertime lite" topic! *laughing*...we "normal" people do like to see how the other side lives (being the stars..rich and famous or not so famous). I do read them while in a lineup on occasion, hear about them on the radio or tv as well but I don't buy any tabloids or tabloid type magazines. I don't believe we should know everything there is to know about any person. Freedom of the press knows no boundaries in regards to anyone that is in the spotlight..fair or not, I don't think it's right. I loved your humor in this post :)

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

When I was young, I loved the movie magazines, and living in L.A., we knew where to hunt for the stars and starlets. I have seen many casually on streets--and up close and personal working VIP rooms for the big Beverly Hills charities. I know now how illusory it all is, but a few times a week I admit to watching E Entertainment. I hope Nicole and Keith also find happiness, but long-term relationships are very hard work--especially when you are famous and you work like most movie stars do. It has to be the pits, though, with the media covering you like they do these days. I did think Nicole's gown was lovely, and I don't give a rat's ass about Star Jones and the View, but do enjoy catching a few minutes of it now and then. I often think sadly about Marilyn Monroe--and JFK and RFK. I guess it has been a blessing not to be "perfect" like our entertainment community is perceived. I would HATE my life to be so public.

Alan G said...

Enjoyed the post - brought back a fond memory of my mother when you mentioned Liz and Eddie.

My mother was a "huge" fan of Eddie Fisher and when he dumped Debbie Reynolds (they were the perfect couple of the times you may recall) my mother went "bananas" as they say. From that day forward she would not watch any Liz movies or listen to any of Eddie's music.

Every now and then I would put 'Oh, My Papa' or 'I Need You Now' on the old record player just to aggravate her. Those were a couple of her favorites.

Love these walks down memory lane on a nice, breezy summer day...

Paul said...

J-Lo aka Jenny from the Hood has cellulite and Nicole Kidman married a country singer (well he beats Tom Cruise anyday). Kirstie has to have some cellulite - you just know it. :)

Mary Lou said...

LOLOL Yep, I am a closet reader myself! I will not pick one up in line, as I feel that every eye is on me and I will go to hell for reading it! LOLOL I DO read them at the Beauty shop though. It is safe there. THat's all there is to read in there.

I was SOOOOO glad to see Star Jones get the boot!! She was the main reason I hardly ever watched the View. I could not stand to listen to her gulp air and wheeze when ever she opened her mouth to say something.

I think Rosie O'Donnell will be fun on the show, and I also heard that Gayle King will be replacing Star. That will be a good move too.

I remember when I was a kid that there were those True COnfession magazines, and the True Detective Mags that I was not sposed to read, but I did when ever I babysat for someone. ;) The rest of the teen mags and the fan mags I did read, because they told "the real story, they didnt lie!" (ha)

Life was much different before TV wasn't it? but then my Mom listened to the SOAPS on the radio, and I was not allowed to.

Freda said...

I have never seen a movie star, but once had to sit next to Princess Anne at a coffee morning. To my great dismay, I could barely manage anything coherent.

goldenlucyd said...

Rain, you're wonderful. I'm becoming a Rain addict---always waiting for the next fix.
This was a delightful post. I think you really captured the feelings of so many of us.

I'd never acknowledge the presence of a "celebrity" in my vicinity but I'll get the the "slow line" at the market so I can read the Star or Enquirer for free. Why is that?

Thanks for a great summertime lite post. However, when I think about it, I believe it's a pretty heavy subject!
Have a wonderful weekend,

robin andrea said...

Tabloid news just doesn't catch my attention. Don't know why that is. It just took me the longest time to figure out who you were talking about when you mentioned Nicole and Keith. I sometimes pick up People Magazine when I am in dentist's or doctor's waiting room, but if they have Bon Appetit or National Geographic I always go for that first. I remember the last time I looked at People, which was probably a year ago, I thought, Wow, everyone looks the same. It must be something in the Hollywood water.

Parapluie said...

We have not seen Grosbeak but a couple of Oriole passsed through. Our blue birds crack us up as they are still full of antics. Think they miss their old bird house and guard it though no new hatch is happening yet. There are some big flirtations among the swallows. I doubt that the tabloids are nearly as real as our birds. I guess I am an old stick in the mud on the tabloid topic.
I missed not seeing you today.

Rain said...

Thanks for all your comments. I find it interesting read other opinions on all topics.

Parapluie, did you come by the farm?