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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Creation's Structure

[These words are all my friend's, taken from multiple email conversations and compiled by me to share here. This particular one is on creation and how it is put together as he believes.]

That which was here before time as we now know it, would be called pure chaos, because we can't usually grapple with the enormous-ness of all of it. We can deal with small pieces of it, but not with the entire consideration.

Things are indeed born out what some people would call “nothing”. There is NO nothing. The Universe isn’t “empty” and never has been. There are things in the Universe that we simply can’t “see” at the moment, but our scientists are beginning to understand this issue.

You’ll never grasp the concept [of something coming from nothing] if you stay mired down in logic. You have to jump off the merry-go-round of logic in order to make the leap into the bigger picture. There is just no other way to get there from here. You’re taught to be “logical” from an infant, so there’s a lot of BS to wade through before you can get to a point of letting go. I know, I’ve been through that before…and more than once too.

Just in the past 5 years, scientists are beginning to understand that the Universe is multidimensional or has many layers that interact with each other-- each of these layers being necessary for the other layers to exist. Metaphysicians have been touting the existence of the multiverse for centuries. There is a lot more to existence than just the visual and or third dimensional physical nature. There are a growing number of people who are growing and getting a good handle on working and understanding this multi-layered Universe. If you just focus on the physical or the observable, you’re going to wind up missing out on the rest of the spectrum.

Now envision that there are hundreds of energy layers that are overlapping each other, each with their own collection of Universes. The numbers stack up to some pretty awesome amounts. Be that as it may, all of this at one time did not exist anywhere at all. There are energy levels that are so high up on the spectrum we can only imagine it with the help of mathematics. Mechanically, it’s almost impossible to create something to vibrate at those frequencies with any stability.

There is visible energy and there is “dark” energy. So far, our scientists have only dealt with the visible part of the Universe and now are just beginning to deal with these other parts. Also keep in mind that a Universe is a special area (envision a toroidial shape, a doughnut) where a special set of circumstances are allowed. Also keep in mind that there are hundreds of these special areas within the third through the seventh dimensions (energy layers).

When it comes to creation, there are “rules”, but when you look at it from our point of view, there are no rules at all, at least none than follow logic in the way we know it. You simply desire for it to come into being and “bang”, there it is. In truth, there’s a lot more to it than just that, but this isn’t the time for explaining it.

Don’t keep your head caught between the door jamb and door of everyday physics. Physics is only good for keeping a system of some kind in operation by the installation of “laws”, which is nothing more than a predetermined set of energies that operate something over and over. That system has nothing to do with anything related to creation.

Creation is outside of the laws of physics or dynamics. I know that may be hard to swallow, but it’s really true. Our physicists have been discovering this on an on-going basis for years. This indeed also applies to spiritually related issues as well.

Regarding the big-bang theory, it was a temporary understanding-- okay at that time. What scientists are beginning to discover and agree on is that the big-bang situation was only good for this dimension or energy level. Our minds can’t grapple with the concept of a trillion years of time, let alone the concept of trillions of trillions of years. There are beings out there with these kinds of life spans. To us, they live forever.

Yes, there were places in the Continuum of things long before there were individualized Universes. This dimension (third, where we currently reside) was at many times devoid of all life. The rules were changed and things started over again. Granted all of those decisions were made in a dimension that’s far more energetic that this one. Once they were made, and the permissions granted, the Universe(s) started over again, and some just picked up where they left off. There has always been “life” going on in some dimension (energy level), just not always in this particular energy level.

Initially, I was of the opinion that the Universe was all that there was. Then I learned that there are over 400 other examples of Universes. Much later, I learned there are folks who regularly traverse from one Universe to another. Some do this in vehicles and other just visit them either out of body or they create a new body if they choose to interact within another Universe.

For most folks, trying to understand this is akin to trying to make sense out of drowning in chaos so immeasurable that the senses can’t possibly grapple any portion of it, except for very small pieces. So they still can’t fathom the larger picture at all, because they can’t get past what is at the fringe of their perceptions.

This is indeed an extremely complex Universe. In truth, there’s no such thing as “simple”, and yes there are indeed many who are called gods and lords, etc. There are ways you can experience other worlds to fully grasp their purpose(s) of existence, but again, you can’t do it from the safety of your living room with a book or listening to someone relate it to you. You have to figure out how to go there and experience it first hand. Every planet is different and each one has a “belt” of information around it that you can use for “downloading information

From what I’ve been able to put together, it basically seems that the rudimentary purpose is the “what if factor”. In other words, experimentation! Let’s see what happens when we do this or that. I hope this doesn’t piss you off, but it certainly seems to be true when you stop looking at scenarios that are happening in front of your nose and check out the bigger pictures.

Logic is the problem here, since we were created. It’s difficult to fathom that there could be beings that are incredibly intelligent and have life spans that seem entirely endless. I hope this gives you a better picture. There is NO nothing. You simply can’t rely on the Universe being only what you see, because there is so much more there that just isn’t within the visual perception range,"

(The painting, 'From Out of Chaos,' is old one of mine-- 42" x 50," Acrylic on stretched canvas, and my attempt at the time to show how creation comes together, not just the Universe but any sort with the elements out there, coming together and coalescing into a new creation)


Dick said...

Hmm, that is a different concept to me. I have often wondered if we are not really just some small part of something much larger. When I look at the structure of an atom or molecule it sure resembles our solar system. There are many stars, most possibly with their own solar systems. Is our Milky Way Galexie really just a "molecule" in something vastly larger?

I sent this to a friend who is a chemistry prof at an eastern university to see what he thinks. I'll be seeing him in a week. I also sent him your URL.

Mary Lou said...

I think that we have to be part of a bigger whole...It is so arrogant of our species to think that we are the only ones in all the universes that are intelligent! You have given us all a lot to chomp on here.

goldenlucyd said...

Hi beautiful lady!
Not up to writing much but I can still read. Your last posts were exceptional. I am in accord.
Thanks for you sweet comment on Friday. I appreciate you take the time!
Oh, and I loved the painting.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Your friend sounds like one of the scholars on What the Bleep. What you have compiled is what I believe. I have some difficulty reading some of the literature on quantum physics, but it sure sounds totally plausible to me. I also love your painting about chaos.

Parapluie said...

Fun to see your painting on the screen. I will have to give it more attention next time I see it. This reminds me of an encounter I had while painting at the beach last weekend. I met an eitheen year old young man who was making abstract paintings. He saw zippers at all boundries where the sky meets the ocean and where the ocean meets the land. I have been thinking about how he got the idea from when he opened up his pants to urinate. He says getting abstract sureal ideas is easy. If you opened these boundries what universe or universes would you see? I was about to make a painting extending this young man's vision. His name was Andy. NOw I have your thoughts to work with as well. How inspiring your blog is!

Brian said...

Interesting post. It makes me recall a Rumi quote that, roughly speaking, went: "When you get to the other side, all you'll be able to say is, 'I didn't know it would be like this!'"

I'm reading a book by Lisa Randall, "Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions." (Randall, by the way, has to be one the most beautiful theoretical physicists in the world.)

She discusses how extra dimensions of reality are central to various cutting edge theories, including superstring theory.

One big question, among many, is whether these extra dimensions are large or small. Another, whether there is any connection between them and our familiar four dimensions (three of space and one of time).

It's all still a mystery. Mind-boggling. But I believe that a boggled mind is closer to the truth than an unboggled mind.