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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Creation: OBEs

[Again, from my friend's emails over a period of weeks where the discussion at various times discussed out of body traveling, why and how. Brackets enclose anything I have added to clarify something that stretched from an earlier conversation and might not be clear otherwise.]

"All of my education on this was a combination of opening my awareness, reading information, being educated by the American Indian elders, general and directed meditations, and out-of-body experiences (OBE). In my consideration, I would say that the one dominate source is meditation. The OBE is a just a secondary experience of focused meditation. If you read the book 'Raja Yoga' by Yogi Ramacharaka you’ll see these techniques (and they are laid out in the book) as stepping stones or methods to focusing your mental awareness in specific directions

Out of body travel isn’t proof of anything, since we return with no scientific proof of anything. Oh sure, there are some things that will definitely raise an eyebrow, like remote viewing, etc. but still that’s not definitive proof of anything. This is one of the reasons I really got into regression and progression. Again, this could be written off as directed meanderings of the mind. However, there is one little item here that does have a level of believability to it, and that is the personal experience(s) on a group level where everyone experiences the same thing or things. This kind of thing will cause a self-feeding escalation even without the physical intervention.

On their own, people will move past the physical, and this sometimes goes for skeptics. I say sometimes, because I’ve experienced about 1% who either freak on the spot and “run”, or they start denying what they’re experiencing but remain calm. Again, this isn’t objective science at all, but it’s really hard to deny what all your senses are telling you, plus what your mind is also telling you.

Nevertheless, I still wish that it could be videotaped somehow along with all of the emotional nuances. Now that would be worth it. I suppose that you have to develop a mentality that you’re experiencing things that are particular just to you.

[To make this clearer], souls only “travel” when the body dies. The spirit inhabiting a body is separate from the “soul”. A “soul” is more of a bio-mechanism recording device than anything else. It is the spirit that travels.

In the traveling situation, when you’re hurtling through space and time, you’re generally highly focused on where you’re going, not the sights. I do admit that I have stopped several times and gotten caught up in the sights and other things that were going on. I’m assuming that the reason for not seeing it all is that the speed that you’re traveling is seen as E=MC3, which is the speed of thought.

Yes, there are many, many interesting things to constantly learn. The more you stay out of body, you become more mentally aware of the things, laws, etc. that make up your Universe. It’s all very interesting, awesome, fun, exciting, etc. and the nice thing is that there’s always something new to experience. When you decide (and decide is the magical word here), you slowly evolve into a new knowledge, instead of having to dig for it when you’re residing in the physical. Yep, there are many “mysteries” so-to-speak in the world when you’re “young”, but they slowly make sense or become explained as you mature. If you mature fast enough, you learn more quickly. Nothing new about that statement.

In my romps through the “void”, I’ve certainly come across a myriad of things, but nothing “scary” at all. I will admit that there are some things out there that are so very different to anything that you can imagine that your senses might find themselves “peaking” for a moment or two. If you’re prone to fright, instead of curiosity, I wouldn’t suggest that you go romping around without the proper “supervision”.

There are some people here who silently strive to understand the bigger picture of it all, although they rarely can get that understanding over to others. So they usually just quietly communicate among themselves and/or investigate the Universe on their own to add to their own knowledge.

There’s no way that you could educate a baby into this kind of arena without causing a mental burnout or breakdown. Their minds just aren’t ready for it, nor capable. I’m also of the opinion that if the average human were allowed to really see at least 1-2 different dimensions that are overlaid on top of this one, that would indeed forever change a person’s idea of reality (of course they’d really have to be ready to see something like that in the first place).

If you move your mind up several notches, and this is no easy maneuver, you will eventually perceive a totally different reality that is part of what you currently are and more. You will perceive an increasing rainbow of additional colors…all of your senses will increase. You will become aware of the fact that you are growing into a totally new awareness of existence.

In truth, we are all in a form of “training”, but that is really a side issue unless that direction is what you’re really seeking. Going that particular route will get you off this merry-go-round of reincarnating over and over again and constantly doing things over and over. Most people think that it’s a just another BS idea of a few religionists and has little if any merit. Again, these are people who are afraid to experiment with these issues on a personal level. They would rather read about it and do nothing on their own, which is just fine. Yes, it is amazing at all the ways of life that exist in and around us.

When different energies meet there is either a siphoning off or and adding to. I say this, because this is generally the case. There is also a third situation and that is when everyone is vibrating at or very near the same frequency. No one is drained or added, insofar as their energies are concerned. They are in “alignment” with each other.

You can’t live enlightened unless you first achieve the ability to become more than what you were. Okay, that’s a bit cryptic, but that’s the BS you have to put up with when no one is around to teach you what you really need to know. Getting to this state isn’t a walk in the park for most people, which is basically why they either give up or fool themselves into thinking that they’ve achieved the state.

There will be those folks out there who have "touched" into more of the "truth" than some, but the truth is that they have no real way of sharing what they've experienced with others, unless those "others" accompany them on their "trips".

If we take a serious look at things like "The Holy Spirit", herein again is something based on an unseen energy force that causes things to happen that are outside what we know to be the laws of physics. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, I'm just saying that these "happenings" are outside of our understanding of known effects and they aren't reproducible even in this day and age. However, under the right conditions, they are observable.


Dick said...

I am not sure I understand this but it does give one something to think about. I think it all comes down to faith in one way or another in the end.

Rain said...

I don't understand it totally either but I thought it was worth thinking on and sharing with others to consider. Because I didn't understand it well enough to put it in my own words, I wanted to use his which he was kind enough to agree to. He didn't write these emails thinking they would be used here.

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