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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Creation: Creators

[These words are my friend's comments to me via email and put together here to discuss the topic of who are the Creators/creators. Brackets enclose anything I have added to clarify something that stretched from an earlier conversation and might not be clear otherwise.]

"There are physical beings out there in the Universe that are tasked with building planets, suns, moons, entire races of other beings, etc. Would you call them “gods” or “creators”? What if I told you that you can do the same (with a little training and help)? Does that also make you a “god” or “creator”? Of course it does. Don’t be fearful of what you really are or can be to yourself or others. The reason we only pick on the smaller parts, so-to-speak, is because most of us prefer to not push past the “veil” that would allow us to regain our “smarts” and abilities again.

Are there pictures or some kind of physical evidence that the human’s idea of God even exists? No, there is no real evidence that there is a God of any kind. Are there beings or entities that insure that the engines of creation and un-creation are maintained, updated, etc.? You bet. Are they in our immediate neighborhood? You bet and closer than you might imagine. Can you talk to them? No, not directly. It’s not that there’s a primary God somewhere that listens to your prayers, there isn’t, but the collective mental energy for a particular desire is indeed brought into the physical.

These entities who you might look at as the Spiritual military or guardians of creation do “die”, but they have the ability to step in and out of Spirit almost at will. So we would fathom these beings as never dying and never being born…or without a birth and death cycle, because their lifespan (in the physical) appears to be forever. It isn’t.

There is no singular mentality that created you and me. We were created by a huge group of beings from another place in the Universe for a particular purpose. There is no real Ultimate Creator. There are really a lot of Creators and a huge herd of creators, plus even more gods and minor gods, not to exclude their own minions of "others". In my experience, yes there is something at the "top" making decisions and so forth, and a good way to look at it all is to remember how businesses are set up on this planet.

A really larger company doesn't usually have a single individual running the place, no, there's usually a collection of people...a board. The same is true for the Universe. Its operation is much the same, but slightly different. There was no singular "Thing" that was here from all time and never disappears. There was and still is a group, granted a very special group, but never the less, a group of individuals who control the sectors of this Universe.

In a way, I'd like to say that they're the ones who make life and death decisions, but since nothing really dies (just changes form), I can't really say that, but their importance in keeping the Universe running smoothly is of the most paramount importance. As such, when they do speak, others indeed jump!

In this Universe, there are all sorts of balances and checks in place at all times that constantly report their findings to the Universe. These beings are more related to Supreme Council Members than anything else that I can relate to, and they were of the first beings to be created. I've never seen this council directly, but I have been in attendance to a few meetings. To my mentality, they appear to be "robed" figures without relatable features like faces. I identify then by their energy signature. You "feel" them when they're around and you just "know" who and what they are.

[The concept of multiple gods] isn’t all that wrong at all. Some religions are just more open with it that a lot of others. If you were aware of many of the religious sects that have long gone underground, you’d have a better idea of this being a truism.

Like we've talked about before, there are always a few grains of real truth in old stories [like Greek myths]. Back in those olden days, physics wasn't a requirement and people easily leapt over that little hurdle. The physics of the creation(s) came later or not at all.

When I was with the elders, there were many stories [of gods] without cruelty or harshness. In my imagination, I could have easily included such things, but took it straight from the elders to listen carefully as they always seemed to have a really good point or two to their stories that they so carefully told to us kids. Yes, there was death, hard times, harshness, etc. but it all had a good point whenever they would take the time to tell us the stories of their elders or ancestors.

They explained what these minor gods were and what they did. As an example, I do remember being told that there were "gods" who came from the sky in flaming machines. Okay, at first it wasn't flaming machines, it was flaming moons. Depending on the "god", there were "holes" in these moons where the gods could look out of them. There were always various little descriptions. Some of the other elders preferred to analyze these descriptions with modern-day things. Anyway, I'm sure you get the picture here. You know, this thing with "gods" is getting to the point where the consideration of it is ridiculous. If an example of early man came in contact with an astronaut from another planet, who's going to appear to be the god?

When you begin to really understand that "Satan" isn't a negative entity, the thought progression moves entirely in another direction, and you begin to wonder just what was the real function of the so-called devil. Trust me; it wasn't what was taught by the Europeans to the ignorant. Was good ol' Satan just another "god"? At this particular juncture, I'd say "you betcha"!

[Before the destruction and recreation of this earth was] the realm where the first beings with incredibly long life spans (i.e., their life spans would be measured in trillions of years). These beings created and partitioned off sections of their own mind and established these Universes for their own purposes.

This one God that you’re referring to is the originator of this particular Universe only. You might even say that this Universe is the “school room” for its own growth. This being can control almost anything with just a thought. However, that would take up an immense amount of its time, so some of that effort was given to its lesser creations to perform. These “lesser” beings were also known to be gods as they could do many of the same things that the God could do.

Since the original God created the lesser ones, and they in turn created us, yes you could say that there is one God. Keep in mind that this being was also “created”, so which is the “one” God? How far up the ladder do you wish to go with this thinking? Also why is it important?


goldenlucyd said...

This line of posts is completely fascinating and unfamiliar. I'm not sure I don't understand it all (but then you're smarter than I ever was). However, as you say it doesn't matter. I agree we were created and that it really doesn't matter if we understand just how.

BTW, great comment at Final Thoughts re commenting.

goldenlucyd said...

Ammended: I'm SURE I don't understand it all!

Parapluie said...

I like to hear different points of view on God or Gods. Thinking along these lines whether with conviction or with tongue in cheek could be important in making the mind more flexible. I am for flexibility and getting away from Orthodox myopia. I like the debates and non-linear thinking that is taught in Tibetan Buddhism because where people can verbalize they do not need to use bombs.