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Fantasy, the painting by Diane Widler Wenzel, cropped a little to fit the needs of a banner.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

by Diane: One improvement leads to five new needs

It is so easy to get side tracked from necessary improvements for safety for aging in place to dangerously counterproductive cosmetic not so lasting improvements. And then uncover bad mistakes.
   The big renovation of both the house and conversion of the shop started with the urgent need to replace the impossible for me to close barn doors. They were replaced by sliding glass doors. That led to making the shop into a space for oil painting which led to insulating the attic, a radiant heater, not to mention needing warm water and a toilet, pocket doors and sheet rocking which led to painting.
The added pop out by the kitchen sink was always hateful because of the danger of climbing over the sink to clean. When the pop out was demolished the exterior needed to be finished in siding and cedar has been difficult to maintain. First the south wall was replaced with hardy board. That looked good so did the entire outside of the house. All these exhilarating changes I love happening so easily and quickly.
Now I have a beautiful laminate photograph of blond hickory flooring. And the scent of saw dust that irritates my nose already dealing with allergies. Will the scent go away after cleaning up all the exceedingly fine sawdust?


Tabor said...

That floor is lovely. I love natural products and the scent should go away over the months. You have a lovely place!

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Yes, Tabor,
At first I was fooled. It looks like a natural blonde hickory but actually it is a photograph and the scent is beginning to go away. It has a dark film everywhere. Using plain water to wipe it makes the odor return. Since it is just a photograph on a thin layer over composite board, I expect my 59 year old wood floors will outlast the laminate. This floor will last my life time I hope. The color is great.