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Fantasy, the painting by Diane Widler Wenzel, cropped a little to fit the needs of a banner.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

putting it together

by Rain Trueax

Somehow, this blog is not coming out as i had intended...

Originally, I had intended to write more on MeToo. Particularly, I wanted to research if more info was out there on Congress's shush funds. Well, after some research, I got very little. These payoffs were only the part that the federal funds covered to stop someone from talking who had made a complaint, but they didn't all have to be about MeToo issues. There has only been $17 million paid out at the point I found figures. There was no info as to what it had covered or which Congressional employees. It also did not deal with private payoffs. Basically, I didn't feel I had enough to carry on with the subject. IF that changes in the future, I'll do more with it. 

I just want to add that it's good for there to be accountability whether it's movie executives, stars or political power brokers. There doubtless is still not enough being done.

So... what attracted my interest instead was another kind of cultural issue that was triggered by putting together one of my nighttime dreams, a popular reality show, and our political world. I was hoping I could write it in a way that made sense. 

Then,  I had second thoughts about that too based on not having the mindset to do it justice as well as all of what's going on with Covid-19, where it's causing such major disruption and has so much uncertainty attached to it. January 4th, I wrote about ['black swans']. The world has been hit by one of those with no idea where it's going. Not a good time for deep thinking where, at least for most of us, we don't have enough facts to put it all together...

So third plan. Photos of the desert and at the end a jigsaw puzzle, one of my current meditative distractions. Enjoy my piece of the desert where I find such peace and if i have to self-quarantine, I will enjoy my surroundings.

Where it comes to putting pieces together, recently I've had a thing for a jigsaw puzzle site. It's meditative, a moment where I stop thinking and just let it be. The site lets me create some of my own. This image is some of the inspiration for the fantasy eBook that I recently had made free. It is about how sometimes spiritual/magical power is required to make things right when we come together. IF you like jigsaw puzzles, here is one where you can't lose the pieces. 


And for those of you where witches are not your thing--


At the link there is a symbol alongside OK that lets you choose how many pieces you want to divide it into. Watch out though as, in my experience, they prove addictive :). 


Caroline Clemmons said...

I love your photos! They are so clear and interesting. Thanks for sharing them.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you, Caroline. Everyday, I appreciate the land around me with its denizens and piece of the desert left by the prior owners pretty natural. Living here part of the year for over 20 years, it never gets old to me :)