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Fantasy, the painting by Diane Widler Wenzel, cropped a little to fit the needs of a banner.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

by Diane: Now is the time for me to shelter in place and day dream


This is my brain storming fantasy. In the year 2030 in the aftermath of some world pandemics, and populations fleeing the uninhabitable due to climate change, I witness the evolving of an ethical application of technology for a better quality of life.

In Rain's painting I see the the goal of my choice..
We can keep the best qualities of this preindustrial,
 loving community
in a high tech society.

A Science Fiction : My first vision of the possible: given that quality of life through community is a high priority

On my 87th birthday celebration my closest family and I will plant all the vegetables we will have to eat for the next year on a wall next to our neighbors' plots. One of my neighbors will be my doctor who along side of me is planting her or his plot. Every neighborhood will have a doctor. Doctors will practice medicine like an art for the sake of art not for the profit of an organization with no fear of being sued. Insurance companies have parished. DNA knowledge will  determine optamin health. Our sustenance will be from working together with our neighbors.
      We have reached a new point in civilization in 2030. Robots do the work nobody likes and all work that requires the human touch and heart is conducted like art.  Art for art's sake. Letters from family and friends living far away will be sent via technology. The roads not maintained and not needed with flying prevelent.
       We are still plagued by imperfect solutions. We are imperfect humans so all our doings will always need bettering to meet our future needs.

OK: My science fiction has more holes than swiss cheese: The point is I am directing my thinking away from "Ain't it horrible?" I do not blame politicians. Most importantly I am questioning what is quality of life and how do we get there?"