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Monday, October 02, 2017

Marvelous Monday

 As with many writers, I belong to an assortment of groups of various sorts. On Facebook, one of mine is for contemporary western romances. This doesn't mean cowboy but does mean a western ethic that permeates the stories. Unlike some writers, who prefer one genre or another, I enjoy writing historical, paranormal and contemporary romances-- but always the romance and the cowboy up ethic. 

As part of belonging to groups, sometimes there are events and contests. One for Contemporary Western Romance is called MARVELOUS MONDAY. When the idea for making Monday special by a contest came around, I said, hey, count me in and took a date. I then promptly forgot about it.

Sunday, with it being a new month, I turned over my calendar and there was the 2nd with the words-- MARVELOUS MONDAY! I felt a moment of panic and then thought how lucky I had turned the calendar over with enough time to figure this out as to what I'd do for a prize. 

Checking over what others had done, I created a banner and decided on the prizes-- two signed contemporary paperbacks, a necklace, Christmas ornament, bookmarks, and one that doesn't show up on the banner-- $10 Amazon gift card. To enter, answer the question (there are no wrong answers), and be willing to give me your address for both the package and where you want the gift card to be used.

If you have already joined Contemporary Western Romance, then answer the question (where there are no wrong answers). The random drawing will be Tuesday morning (Ranch Boss does that job with his cowboy hat and numbers). If you have not already become a member, join up. It's a place to find out about new books in the contemporary genre-- and there is always Marvelous Monday!

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