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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

yes or no?

Yesterday's post about a contest is concluded. A winner was found by random drawing. If you didn't go there, the question I asked was one intended to be helpful to me as a writer-- What age heroine do you prefer and can there be an age where she's too old for you to be interested? Paraphrased as I can't remember the exact wording.

There are a LOT of contests online from various sources. Do you think they are good, bad, or indifferent?  Sometimes it seems to me there is something going all the time. Are they distractions? Beneficial? I really wonder about it with no answers for when I should participate or not. Authors, although we are also readers, don't enter into giveaways from other authors. It's considered for the readers. My question is how often should I do it as they take time away from writing.

It is fun to give others presents though. With author contests/giveaways, the hope is a new reader will discover a book or that someone who can't afford books will get them. Random drawings mean there is no way to be sure that happens. These 'events' are considered promotional, but I've never found it was for me. 

Anyway, any thoughts on it? Do you like contests? Lotteries? Giveaways?



Tabor said...

Not a big fan of lotteries, give-aways, contests. They just don't grab me, but I am very fortunate financially, so that may be the reason.

Rain Trueax said...

As a writer, a contest has cost and time involved; so it's something that has to be considered when agreeing to do one. It seems like lately there are so many of them. I agreed to do another one for this month too, which is more than the usual but I'd forgotten about the Monday one. One good thing about the next one is it's not for the same group... I think... and it was kind of fun as in favorite movie/television cowboys and guessing who the clue was for. ;)

Brig said...

Usually I don't participate in those sorts of things. I did enter your Mystery Monday one, more because I wanted to see what everyone would say than anything. Oh and of course to win a couple of your books!

Rain Trueax said...

Brig, you want some of my books, you just have to tell me :). I give books to friends. It's why I buy them. I appreciated seeing you had entered it. You have been supportive. You can't imagine, or maybe you can, how much that means to a writer. It's a lonely business for the most part and any sort of encouragement means a lot.

Brig said...

That is awfully kind of you to offer,
but I have always felt that the authors one likes to read deserve to have their books bought. Being an author may not be what drives you or keeps you in meat & potatoes, but you still deserve to be paid for your efforts.
I have a dear friend that is an auto mechanic with his own shop. He is always trying to just charge me for the parts, as if his time had no worth. I always pay him for his time, as it has value to me.

Rain Trueax said...

I appreciate your attitude even more so about the mechanic since my brother is a mechanic and you are so right about the worth of what they do. :)