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Saturday, September 30, 2017

a worthy cause

Usually, I write something original for Saturdays related to what matters to me. Well, this does matter to me. It is a special blog for a worthy cause. You can preorder, best-selling author, Amelia Adams' next historical romance, and in the process help a child get a permanent home by being adopted by her grandparents. Her parents were killed in a tragic accident two years earlier. The hopeful grandparents are the sister and brother-in-law of the author, and she decided to donate the proceeds from her first sales of the eBook. Just think-- preorder or buy the book the day it comes out and you will enjoy reading while you also help a worthy cause. It's hard to understand why that adoption could have a cost attached-- but so goes the nature of our world today.

Below is the link to preorder the book, which comes out the 3rd. If you've never done a preorder, it will show up on your device the day it's published, and that's when Amazon takes your money.


Georgia Baker has worked at the Brody Hotel for several months now with only her employers knowing her secret - she's almost completely deaf. It doesn't stop her from doing her job, though, as she has learned how to read lips, and she gets along quite well.

Pinkerton detective Chet Larsen has come to Topeka on a special case - a train carrying a king's ransom in gold is coming through town, and his sources tell him it's going to get robbed. His duty is to stop that robbery if he's able, possibly saving lives in the process.

When the pretty waitress at the hotel stumbles onto additional information in the case, he realizes that her help might be just what he needs for his job . . . and her love might be just what he needs in his life.

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