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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why you should be a writer-- or not

Be a writer because it takes you from the current outside world into an internal one. If you write nonfiction, you do research and that includes if you are writing a memoir. If it's self-help, you will need to look for answers to people's problems. And if it's fiction, you create a world and characters to live in it. You give them problems that feel real; but at the same time, there are answers-- real life doesn't always operate that way.
 This has been one of the most difficult times I remember to stick to editing the second Barrio Viejo book due out in August. I am distracted by outside events where it comes to cultural and political issues

The United States has just ended its convention season and now has two candidates to run the country-- sort of-- for the next four years. I have mentioned I don't watch conventions at all. I read the words said as I find it easier to avoid getting caught up in emotion-- which is what both conventions were intended to stir up

So Republicans brought up the concerns over stagnant economy, globalization as a threat to business in America, immigration that must be regulated, violence that must be stopped, and the risk of terrorism from Islamic jihadists. Less government is a solution (except when we want it to do our will like ban abortion or end gay marriage). Strengthen individualism.

Democrats painted a picture of a country doing well but where it could do better and will-- if they get more globalization, minimum wage increases, and keep Republicans out of power. Their candidate would take out ISIS but little was said about Islamic jihadists. More government is a solution (but to pay for it, we will only tax the other guy). We can do more together.

Darkness or light? Whatever these two candidates promise for their issues, the question that will dog each will be their personal ethics. This is going to go on for three more months-- Yeehaw... not!

And then, there is inside my home with four cats, and the adjustment to two strays entering into a house that had two house cats. I am delighted when the four get along and smile when the little black one plays, which might be for the first time in her life as strays don't get a lot of time for playing. She has totally adapted to being in the house-- even if still easily frightened by anything moving too fast.  The orange one is in and out with some freedom we could not give the little one. He is not adjusting to the other cats except for being close without hissing.

And I am in the part of writing that is not fun-- editing, which is especially true if the edits are too close together. I have felt the second book needs to get out there to encourage sales for the first; but I'd much rather be starting the third in the Barrio Viejo series. If I ever make 'real' money on the books, I'd be very happy to hire a top-rate editor. Currently, I have to do it myself-- with the aid of beta readers. I'd much rather be starting the third in this series. 

The next book will involve reincarnation, the spirit world, redemption, love, and politics. My hero will have the toughest road to walk of any I've written as he won't understand from where his negative impulses come, since he's not a believer in the spirit world or the soul as an entity. This book will also have a marriage of convenience which will be revealed fairly early in the book. From that point, it'll get into the crooked world that so much of politics has evolved into being-- in this case complicated by the intervention of the spirit world. I am anticipating this to be an interesting book to write-- but then I always anticipate that. 

Between cat adjustments and our own economics, our plans have been changing. We had been planning to spend the winter in our Tucson home. 

Because of changes to the agency with which we advertise the house, we decided we better rent it at least one more season before our contract with them runs out. That means we spend the winter up here, which is okay as we might get down there in the late spring when the cactus bloom and a few wildflowers are left. 

Notice the word might because plans haven't worked out very well lately. So maybe... 



Tabor said...

Just reading the speeches, etc. probably gives you better perspective. Conventions are a bit of an anachronism, I think. As are electoral colleges and restricted voting times and days. The world is changing and so must we. The issue they need to emphasize is compromise. No one is going to get all they want.

Rain Trueax said...

They do make some people feel good, I guess. I won't be voting for someone I like this time and I will worry that with my vote I will be damaging the country. I feel this more than ever before in any election (and there've been a lot of them). I will just hope for the best but so much of who gets elected seems to me to be based on trivia.